The battle of the Mobile OS’s

The Redmond death grip of operating system dominance is ending…iOS and Android are already challenging this, the tide is turning, especially as we see more and more “Mobile First Developments” all the time.

Other challengers being RIM and Symbian by sheer quantity are not looking good, as reported last week RIM Smartphone share was at 12%, a far cry from 2008 when it was at 45%!
RIM shares have shed nearly 50% this year alone. Symbian is in decline but is predicted to level off up to 2015 (source:Gartner and IDC)

Microsoft Windows Phone8 looks like it could end up in third place behind iOS and Android, but not if RIM can help it, but you will have to wait till early next year for BB10 which is to long, and could end up costing them dearly.

Another interesting point is that people become locked into their eco-system, paying just a few pounds for an app is great but with 100’s we are buying it can get pricey, voting with ones feet and jumping from Apple to Microsoft for example will 1. Undoubtedly, mean you lose access to some apps totally and 2. Buying them all again? Ouch!

As usual in the turbulent mobile world no one really knows, we can just pontificate and wait for the next fad!