In-Flight WiFi, just had to try it


As a Mobile Architect I just had to try the onboard in-flight WiFi, if your like me and have never been on an internet connected flight you just have to try it, then message all your friends telling them where you are, no? Just me then 🙂

On the American Airlines flight from San Diego to Dallas, no direct flights to London had space, I noticed the WiFi sign when I boarded and on investigation it’s provided by GoGo InFlight and is $10 for the flight.

I duly signed up and got online, iMessaging my family and friends immediately like a kid with a new toy, sparking up everything I had to try it out.

Overall I’m impressed, it works after 10,000 feet and does not allow voice or video calls but otherwise it’s open. It feels similar to a mobile 3G experience in terms of latency, especially when you click on a link.

As you can see from the screen shot you also get height and ground speed, a nice touch, if it knows where your headed you can automatically see the weather at your destination, only slightly concerned that is blank.

Check out more at GoGo In-Flight

Published at 52,993 feet and 561mph, why? because I could

Seems very high wonder if that is accurate?