TV Content on the go!

With so much Online TV available its getting rather crowded and with differing quality and functionality it’s not exactly a good user experience, plus of course without WiFi everywhere it’s a buffering, spinning, waiting game anyway…

4G is not going to solve this in the short term, it will be expensive in the first instance and once the price is right and it’s pervasive enough to be useful, everyone will be on and ……the network will be congested.

How can we solve this so consumption of content is a real option away from the home, currently watching content on your tablet next to your TV, is relatively easy.

The answer is, for now, and probably a long while to come “Offline Content” when your connected you cache content and its then available for when you not! This, of course is not a new concept however in the world of TV and Films it’s been a long time coming. I would hazard a guess because the paranoid content owners are worried it will end up ripped off and available to download, but the thing is, it already is anyway!

I picked some of my favourite shows and looked for them on legitimate sites and on Bit Torrent search engine isohunt, here’s the results.

  • Top Gear, any episode or series on Isohunt, also on BBC, free for UK users, and also on Apple Store to purchase, quite why anyone from the UK would pay Apple’s prices is a mystery?
  • Dexter, any episode or series on Isohunt, not available on SkyGo, BBC, ITV, C4 or Demand5 but on Apple’s store for £27.99 per series! Ouch, no wonder people use BitTorrent then is it?
  • Homeland, any episode or series on Isohunt, the latest episode on C4, no way of watching older episodes so rather like traditional TV, if you miss it it’s gone, the only difference is you get 20 days to watch it rather than the hour it’s on, how jolly convenient. Lets not forget Apple, as always ready to relieve you of £24.99 for a series if you so wish!
  • So to sum up then,

    Everything is free on Isohunt, but illegal, some on UK TV networks and everything on Apple, but they charge similar to that of a wounded bull.

    It was however great to see BBC release offline caching recently for the iOS version of iPlayer absolutely love the feature, I now sit on flights consuming entire series of BBC factual programmes, so thanks BBC for leading. ITV, where the content is full of ads, no downloads, same for the others, come on networks sort your issues out!

    It’s believed SkyGo will soon offer this but at a cost, rumours are it will cost you an extra £5 per month for offline, bearing in mind your already paying for the content that would be outrageous but certainly what we are used to with Sky.

    sarcasm mode=on
    So where should you bet your money, the networks for moving the data or the networks for actually letting us consume their content on our mobile devices when we are actually, errr mobile and not at home within a few meters of our TV’s.
    sarcasm mode=off

    If you know of any others available with offline or indeed other relevant info I would like to hear from you.


    Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet2


    Lenovo’s second attempt at building a tablet is almost here, while I wait to see one in the flesh we have to make do with other reviews I’ve read out there for now.

    The Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 unlike Tablet 1 is based on Windows 8, with a 10 inch, 1366 x 768 pixel display, an Intel Atom Clover Trail processor, it also ships with a pressure-sensitive pen, or you can always use your good old pinky.

    Being black and square edged makes it look familiar and ThinkPad like, shipping with

  • 2Gb Ram
  • >;64Gb Storage
  • 2MP Front Facing Camera
  • 8Mb Rear Facing Camera
  • Full size USB Port
  • HDMI micro port
  • That’s well spec’d but it’s top money at an estimated $650 list and without any extra enterprise options, like a fingerprint reader or 3G capability.

    The Tablet1 was based on Android, was slow, thick and not particularly impressive IMHO so this should be refreshing, but Lenovo do seem to have abandoned Android in favour of Windows.

    Android is likely to only feature in their consumer range known as the “IdeaPad” which does not come with enterprise features like global support and image load unlike its ThinkPad big brother.

    There is a rather fancy looking keyboard with nipple available, no info on that yet, and we have to hope the new Atom CPU from Intel has enough puff.

    Check out the details …

    Microsoft readies Surface for a starry night


    Microsoft is launching Surface at Midnight on October 25th at the same time as Windows 8 becomes available. Surface unveiled back in June is their crack at the Tablet market.

    Various news articles report that they have 3 million devices readied for the launch and are keeping some details, such as price a secret until the launch itself, how tedious.

    All you need to know about the Surface

  • 10.6 Inch display with pop out stand
  • Weight, between 676g and 903g depending on spec
  • Thickness wise from 9.3mm to 13.6mm thick for the RT and Pro respectively
  • 2 architectures available, Intel x86 and Arm
  • Arm versions will run Windows RT, Real Time version and will not have the full desktop, so it’s metro (or whatever they call it now) on that device
  • Intel versions will run the standard x86 version, will be called Pro with the benefit of compatibility with existing applications it will also sport the full desktop
  • The pro will also come with a full HD screen, exact resolutions are yet to be revealed
  • Pro’s can be stuffed with up to 128Gb of storage while the RT variant 32 or 64Gb
  • Available is a nifty looking case with a build in keyboard very snazzy
  • Estimated prices are £400 for the RT version and up to £900 for the Pro
  • The powers that be in Redmond decided to use pop-up shops around the U.S and Canada to launch the device, as there is no release date for Europe yet they have not bothered with any elsewhere so we are going to have to wait.
    God bless her and all who sail in her, well if you live in the U.S or Canada that is.

    So is this going to get Microsoft back on track especially in consumer territory? The majority of opinions I have read seem to feel that the surface is to expensive to grab iPad market share and does not have a compelling enough proposition to make people jump from Android.
    For corporate use the Pro is a good device for application compatibility but only time will tell if this is going take it anywhere.