My Pebble Watch has shipped!


My Pebble watch is winging its way to me thanks to DHL, it’s currently in Hong Kong somewhere.

You may remember I blogged the Pebble when it was first announced as a kick starter. The infamous Seiko and Casio Data-Banks had been and gone and the Samsung Gear was not available then so I wondered how successful this could be.


Clearly application eco system is key and it so far looks good, but soon I can speak as a real user.


I do have some questions I need answering,

1) Will I look a total dork with this on my wrist? Geek is cool, Dork is bad
2) Having to charge my watch every 7 hours,  that may get annoying
3) Is not having to get my phone out of my pocket every time I feel that vibration actually a benefit?

Be back with the results, experiences good and bad as soon as it arrives.


As a side, why do I keep feeling the vibration of my phone only to discover its not vibrated? and more importantly is it bad?








For the gadget lover with everything…


A £600 jumper, must be Hugo Boss? This one doubles as a smartphone! Check out

It’s a fireplace jumper with a pouch for your smartphone, you download the free app and hey presto an HD fireplace and one expensive jumper! invented by a NASA rocket scientist and yours for £17.49 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Android now powers 75% of the worlds smartphones


Yep, 3/4’s of all smartphones shipped globally run Android, that’s pretty impressive market penetration.
Android Inc, founded in California in 2003 and acquired by Google some 2 years later was in the process of making a smartphone operating system that was more aware of its location and user preferences when the giant snapped it up.

The first handset the HTC Dream aka T-Mobile G1 was released in October 2008 and from those humble beginnings they have taken 75% of the market.

Of course low cost devices must make a reasonable amount of their share but hi-end iOS bashing devices are popular, take Samsung’s S3 for example, sells like hot cakes.

IDC reported,

In all, 181 million of the 136.1 million smartphones shipped worldwide in Q3 2012 ran Android.
More Android smartphones were shipped in Q3 2012 than the total number of smartphones shipped in all of 2007, the year Android was first offered

Apple shipped 26.9 million in Q3 this year, a 5th of the Google number which puts it in perspective, not forgetting Blackberry and Microsoft when there are only 18million remaining.

All that at the tender age of 6!

IDC Info