Skype on Android on BB10

20130210-232241.jpgBlackberry announce Skype on the BB10 platform and reports are circulating that it is just an Android version running in the emulation!

These reports are rather negative reporting Blackberry as cheats, the version available is allegedly the Ice Cream Sandwich iteration.

I can’t see the issue myself, in fact if it gets the apps on the platform who cares? You install an app and it works, so what can possibly be the problem, when an app is not available that’s a more annoying situation.

It makes you think that sometime along the way RIM, at the time, made the wrong decision and should have picked Google rather than purchasing QNX (April 2009)

The QNX platform behind many vehicle systems is impressive, with technology that makes it truly real time, but it’s the uphill struggle of starting from scratch when you need the community that’s the real issue.

So on the flip side then perhaps someone had an epiphany to run an Android emulation on QNX to help bridge the gap of that struggle, IMHO this is the case, after all you can’t possibly come to market with the same level of support as the existing established players, being 2 years late doesn’t help either!

BB10 is completely new to the core, it’s not compatible with the previous versions of Blackberry it uses activsync to talk email messages, unlike previous versions.

Remember if your bashing Blackberry, we need them, imagine how much innovation comes from competition.

I say Bravo Waterloo, good move with the emulation, and fingers crossed it works out for you….



ByeBye Messenger … Hello Skype

After 13 years and a loyal following of millions Microsoft is pulling Messenger in favour of the new kid on “their” block, Skype.

Launched on July 22nd 1999, available in over 50 languages it’s to be put down at the ripe old age of 13. In its hay day messenger now called Microsoft Live attracted over 330 million active users a month and later added video and other collaboration features in an attempt to keep ahead of its competitors.

So with only the ability to import your buddy list left Messenger will be confined to history and Skype will be the new way to communicate, unless people vote with their feet and goto WhatsApp or Kik or any of these new mobile enabled chat platforms, and lets not forget the existing platforms like Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk.

This seems fairly sensible bearing in mind Microsoft paid £5.2b in May 2011 and need to embed Skype as their communications and collaboration platform.

Goodbye Messenger!

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