9 Candles on Skype’s Cake

Some of us remember when Skype was released, quickly the downloads were into the millions, now a verb, it must be one of the all time disruptive technologies.

Of course Alexander Bell started this in 1876 but in 2003 I think there is no doubt Skype evolved it, not forgetting the cellular revolution in between.
We should also thank Skype for making expensive international calling a thing of the past, suddenly the carriers had this parasitic problem chomping away at their revenue streams.

25% of all International Voice Traffic is via Skype, Wow!

What a success story, especially as it required some tech knowledge to understand, at least in the early days.

To celebrate Skype have released this timeline, which depicts an impressive story by any stretch of the imagination.

Thanks Skype and Happy Birthday 🙂


Here’s the link to Skype’s blog