Samsung unveils its new Powerhouse


Late on March 14th in New York Samsung launched its next generation Galaxy, the S4. By all accounts no expense was spared at this flashy affair.

So initial looks then, dare I say it disappointing, but with that said how different can a rectangular smartphone  actually be? it looks like a Note II.

This thing is quite frankly packed to the virtual eye balls with technology, in fact some say Samsung have “Featuritis”  if the game was purely tech bling, they would win hands down.

With a 5″ 1920X1080 Screen, up slightly on the S3’s 4.8″ a 13MP rear and 2MP front facing camera, and a “sort of” 8 core CPU you can’t fail to behold all that hardware.

The 8 core CPU is clever, it’s basically 4 powerful cores that have less-powerful shadow cores. These less powerful siblings step in when the power is not needed, and use less power, generate less heat etc, therefore increasing battery life, how ingenious.

Things start to get useful when you look at all the sensors they have crammed in, on top of the usual there are geomagnetic and proximity sensors, gyroscope, accelerometers and even temperature, humidity and barometer sensors, this device is now aware of its environment as well as location and orientation.

Also announced was the eye-tracking software, that auto scrolls pages when your eyes reach the end of a page, health monitoring abilities using Samsungs “S” Health app, later to include the ability to monitor blood pressure and sugar levels, are you impressed yet?

It will be available in the UK on April 24th no prices are available yet but it has to be a pretty penny with that amount of tech!

So what do we think the rivals will do in response? NFC in a smart watch from Apple maybe?

All this started me wondering… a personal device that is used for communications (of all types) used to pay for goods via NFC, take pictures find your way and even light up the keyhole of your front door late at night, not that exciting in 2013?  Add to that the ability to track your eyes, blood pressure and how about be able to detect your health condition, even alert you if something serious could be wrong, your eyes can tell a lot about you.

Also, imagine something happens, your heart beat is irregular, your device knows categorically it is in your pocket as is able to detect that without doubt! It then calls the emergency services and shares your location, activates the speaker phone and camera? not that far away I would suggest.

In the meantime, respect to Samsung.


Travelling with just an iPad

While on a business trip to India I decided to bring just an iPad, resulting in a not insignificant list of capabilities to keep me amused

  • FaceTime my family, assuming the hotel has good WiFi
  • Watch BBC content on the flight
  • Keep up to date with email using the corporate email solution
  • Listen to my Music Collection
  • Read a Book
  • Keep my Blog up to date
  • Wakeup on time with the Alarm Clock, thanks to iOS6
  • Not use Maps, thanks to iOS6
  • Make some notes of objectives for the meeting
  • Access the corporate applications via Citrix
  • Write a document or create a presentation
  • Browse the Internet
  • I should confess I actually packed my work laptop but decided to check in my case and do not plan to use it. I was thinking it’s just there for a “Break Glass” moment, I only hope the baggage handlers don’t take that literally.

    Without doubt the iPad is a superb device, I have tried Galaxy Tabs, Notes, Lenovo Tablets and the infamous playbook, but none cut it quite like the iPad, you think it’s down to app availability but check my list, only BBC offline viewing is not possible on an Android!

    So what is it?

    I don’t make any secrets about the fact I like Apple products, but I am not a fan boy, but first what is a Fan Boy?

    “Fan Boy” Definition : A Person or persons who would literally buy a turd if it had the Apple logo embossed on it, who typically cannot bear to hear a single negative word spoken about their beloved company and will not entertain any other product however compelling its proposition.