The joys of Gadget Insurance


With all this BYO going on its all great until your device is lost or stolen! I once lost my work provided Blackberry and remember complaining about the form I had to complete before my company would replace it, and all the while my carelessness cost me nothing but a little inconvenience.

Now here we are with all this “Bringing of your own” and in some cases it ends in tears, and will do more and more as this becomes the norm.

You pay a couple of hundred pounds to O2 sign a 2 year contract and walk with your iPhone let’s say you then loose it, which is easily done, it’s valuable so return is unlikely and anyway it is locked so no one knows who owns it! What’s next?

You need a device for work and could end up taking out a new contract or buying the device sim free at £500+ ouch.

With this in mind I recently took out insurance on my iPhone 4 and went with Protect My Bubble, it was so easy I added my iPad for accidental damage (no loss available on the iPad) and added my sons iPhone3GS, excellent I am quite careful so was feeling well protected in my little bubble.

A few months later I stupidly lost my beloved gadget, well it may have be stolen I really don’t know but I ended up claiming!

I duly call up Protect my Bubble and as the advert stated a replacement device within 48 hours I assume I need to register a claim, I’ve already spoken to the Police so if I was making this up I have already committed fraud and therefore that must be enough for them? Right?

This story could spiral into a long tale or even a rant so I am keen to wrap it up quickly and just want it to serve as a warning,

  • No claim just goes through, you are cross examined, times checked and logged
  • What time did you call O2, the Police?
  • Next is a conference call with you and O2, they call them and you have to confirm your details on the call, even share your password, with the person on the line, when I refused I was told unless I complied my claim would be unsuccessful
  • They asked O2, what time did you receive the call?
  • After this terrible experience, and a week has already passed your told its going to ” The Management” for a decision?
  • Then you call and call, if you get even slightly annoyed they threaten to hang up and cancel your claim
  • Then to cap it all some 3 weeks after the initial claim you have to pay, the excess the remaining years payments, as they cancel the policy, and an extra fine for loss, theft is OK but not loss! Bang goes another £50, plus another £75 for the other stuff
  • Interesting that if you claim with an insurer one would think they would want to hang onto you in an attempt to claw back some of their losses? These guys cancel your policy and tell you if you want to insure with us again go back to the website and start again! So their churn is potentially everyone who claims?

    My advice from reading many more complaints online about Protect my Bubble and my experience,

    Pay your carrier or your household insurance and although you will pay more, you do not need the stress of this I can assure you, and over a month waiting for a device, even though claims are settled in 48 hours!

    Be careful out there 🙂