Migrating App-Stores is an expensive nightmare

Migrate from App Store to Google Play Store

Thinking of moving App Stores?

If your an iOS’er or an Androidian there may come a time when you decide you need a change.

Swapping from an iPhone to an Android seems reasonable and something many of us would like to do.

iPhone users, thinking about you’re next device?  Along comes Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, both are very capable alternatives and very tempting …

Obviously Apple, Google, Microsoft and the like do not want to loose you and by having a library of apps you have paid for is a good insurance for them, after all who wants to buy all their apps again? A single reason to choose one over the other due to application availability is shrinking as their libraries equalise, so the next risk is that you will move and find cheaper (or free) alternatives rather than buying the products again.

Example: You paid £39.99 or more for TomTom on iPhone and decide to buy an HTC One next time round, you could

1. Buy it again on Android and give TomTom another £24.99
2. Use the Google built in Navigation on the HTC One, TomTom have then lost you, probably for ever.

Hypothetical 3. TomTom do not want to loose you regardless of what device you use so they offer you a migration path and swap your licence from iOS to Android, perhaps for a small fee, £2.99 say?

All the other vendors who have competitive products in the popular app stores should be working on this as a future model, cheap apps or no cheap apps we don’t want to keep buying them!

Come on software companies keep up.


Mobile Device News

20130204-010028.jpgIt’s busy busy at the gadget end of the mobile world and although it’s not all about the bling its still our most favourite part.

So here’s a round up of the latest action,

  • Blackberry (formally RIM) release Z10 and Q10, they look great, let’s hope it all works out for them. I have to say I’m looking forward to playing with one.
  • Blackberry have also said they will release BB10 for Playbook, that lovely little bargain of a tablet, could spark a revival for the pint sized beauty, more apps would also help!
  • Samsung to launch the XCover2 S7710 builders phone, waterproof to 1m for up to an hour and pretty rugged, great if you need tough.
  • Samsung have been busy, soon we also get the Ativ Odyssey I930 Windows Phone, running Redmond’s latest release 8, can it give the Lumia’s a run for their money?
  • LG announce their Spirit 4G with all mod cons and a staggering $199 price tag. With 4.5′ screen, dual core CPU 5MP camera and running the latest in Jelly Bean, this is a bargain, I couldn’t however find any info on this device in the UK.
  • February 19th should see the launch simultaneously in New York and London of HTC’s flagship M7, this beast gets 1.7Ghz snapdragon CPU, 13MP camera and pixel density that’s off the scale at 469ppi (iPhone5 has 326ppi) can’t want to play with this one, looks great to.
  • Nokia are having better times at the moment with the Lumia’s doing well, the rumour is a 38MP Windows Phone will release this year, sounds mad but I bet the pictures will be good.
  • Ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this is the most important news I could find, lots more to come over the following weeks.

    Having hoped to be at MWC this year I got a ticket, then tried to book a fight, everything is booked solid and priced through the roof, I need to be more organised for 2014 MWC!

    I’m test driving a Nokia Lumia 820 so will write up experiences over the next few weeks, what is cool is that Nokia have released the 3D information to allow you to print your own backs, well assuming you have a 3d printer that is.

    Picture: Nokia 2650 2004 Nokia sold 35 millions of these storm trooper phones.

    IBM Connect 2013 Building your social workforce


    Loud and clear we are hearing that we need to build a social workforce, IBM tell us that this is tangible, productivity of course has long been difficult to measure, like nailing jelly to a wall some may stick but the rest will fall.

    Seen this? companies buy products, implement them and say go on employees collaborate …..(tumbleweed)

    So it is not about the products, yet we are all at a product providers conference learning about how important it is and all the products you can use to make it “happen”. I think it is probably easier to mate Panda’s in captivity, hold on that’s also social(able)!

    So this weeks IBM Connect 2013 has been a big change to previous years Lotusphere events and has had much more focus on Social with HR with other functions being talked about more than ever, not something you would have mentioned a few years ago at a largely “Techie” event.

    If you ask people how it was for them you get a mixed bag from, good conference and refreshing, to a rant about IBM abandoning their hardcore technical following, you will never keep everyone happy but I think in all most of those I asked said it was a welcome change and necessary evolution.

    Key Observations then from the conference,

  • The Lotus Brand is history, everything starts IBM now
  • It’s all about Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Big Data, but you knew that
  • Create a Social Workforce, see point 2
  • Device Fragmentation is so prolific don’t attempt to manage it, BYOD it!
  • Use App analysis tools when you launch an app to get insights into usage
  • Traveller is NOT in a container, so without MDM it is useless
  • Checkout Gamification to drive adoption, it really works
  • Think beyond the app … whatever that means went right over my head!

  • A good IBM Connect 2013 with good sessions, good company and good food, thanks to ChoosePortal for looking out for us!

    IBM 2013 Mobile Focus Areas


    IBM unveil their 2013 focus areas for Mobile. Having provided 66 deliverables in mobile during 2012 they announced the focus areas for this year , based on discussions and feedback with CIO’s.

  • Innovative Tablet Experiences
  • Providing their range of native applications across phone and tablet platforms.
    E.g., Sametime, Sametime Meetings, Traveller and Connections

  • Multi-Channel solutions for Social Business
  • IBM’s push to include other functions continues, opening up application directly to HR and Marketing for example with little or no I.T involvement required.

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • So they have been listening to CIO’s pain and have added this as a focus area, a good move as lots of companies cannot deploy Traveller for example, because it does not sit securely in a container. Let’s hope this focus will mean a positive response otherwise many will have to continue to look elsewhere. On further investigation this is more about MDM so sadly the issue remains.

    A busy 2013 for the IBM developer community and with the focus away from Lotus it will be interesting to see what happens in this new era, this is where the acquisition of Worklight should start to show through.

    The one real issue is the apparent need for a Lotus backend, which begs the question on sustainability. An interesting challenge for IBM to ensure when companies move away from on-premise email, which we all will in time, to the cloud they do not loose customers to other areas.

    If you move from on-premise Notes email to Microsoft in the cloud would you stay with Sametime or move that to, same with connections.

    Positioning the products as a family, but also as standalone is key for sustainability. IMHO

    eBay, what a mobile success..

    Having not sold anything on eBay for some time and Santa having come up with the goods for my son, he wanted to sell his old mobile phone.

    Remember what selling on eBay was like on a PC?

    Find a digital camera, take the pictures, turn the house upside down looking for the SD to USB adapter to copy the pictures off, upload, type in all the details blah blah, what a mission!

    So, of course I didn’t bother very often and therefore companies like eBay have jumped on the mobile revolution making it easier for us to sell. Initially we could look, then buy then sell and now lots of the functionality has been mobilised and what a revolution.

    I took a picture of the device on my phone, had the original box, so scanned the barcode and all the technical detail were pre-populated, uploaded the picture, confirmed paypal and postage details and listed the item, all this in less that 5 minutes. Done!

    eBay or should I say ebay as they now prefer have had over 100million downloads of the app and estimate over $10b in revenue has gone via the mobile platform.

    This is a great example of how mobile can benefit everyone, If we can all find one opportunity that is a fraction of the size of ebay in success terms we can make a massive difference.

    Mobile method of delivery

    With BYO, Corporate and 3rd Party devices in your enviornment requiring access to your systems and data how do you address this?

    MDM? I covered this earlier in the week, do not MDM personal devices, it’s a liberty and not a good experience for your users especially if they paid for them with their hard earned.

    If you speak to your legal dept they will tell you that allowing staff, on their own devices, to drop your documents all over them is a no no. You need to maintain control because legally your obliged to secure your data, and you don’t want authorities seizing a personal device in the event of a discovery situation. All corporate files on a personal device need to be a copy of what is available in the enterprise, that way the gadget is superfluous, but enough of that before you nod off!

    If your enabling personal BYO’ers then you need a container that way you can be sure your data is nicely encased safely, problem is there’re not the best experience and defiantly not like a native client, on iOS they don’t multitask, and you get charged per device rather than per user by the majority of vendors. in short they feel like a backward step especially having to synchronise.

    If you have Microsoft Exchange at the back your in an slightly better position to give your users a more Blackberry like experience but if not then don’t sell it as a BB replacement, sell the flexibility to your users.

    So the moral of the story then…..like a medicine tastes horrible but has a job to do a container is the same, if your doing the right thing and managing the app not the device then for now your in a good place, well the best place you can be while being compliant.

    The OS manufacturers need to finish building the split personality features into the platforms properly so we can enjoy native’like without the risks, so far only blackberry balance does this properly.

    What does LTE bring?


    LTE or Long Term Evolution 4G is now in most tablet and phone specs so time to do some digging, what does it give us, how much is it, and more importantly when can we have it?

    As the current version does not meet the spec for 4G yet it has been known as 3.9G, 4G will be able to deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps. How cool is that on a mobile device, well just a fraction of it would be good, and I still cannot make a voice call for more than a couple of minutes on the train journey to the office before it drops.

    The 3GPP who are responsible for bringing all of the global bodies together predict 4G to be the first truly global standard. With it already deployed in Japan and Oslo and many other countries busy building a service its exciting times in the world of mobile communications.

    LTE Advanced, the next iteration brings 3Gbps download and 1.5Gbps upload capable networks so maybe bandwidth constraints are eventually going to be a thing of the past, although I remember having this same thought in 1991 when I was learning about X.25 and compared to modem dial it was fast.

    EE, everything everywhere the partnership between Orange and T-Mobile have released their service,

    An entry level iPhone5 16Gb with 3Gb per month allowance is £50 for the device and £46 per month for the service, this raises to £56 per month for 8Gb. With all that bandwidth you need to go steady 50Mb is an extra £3! 2 year contract of course.

    That’s £1150 TCO assuming you never roam or spend outside of your plan, ouch!

    Choice is limited still with O2 and Vodafone needing to wait for the radio spectrum auction next year and Three acquiring some frequency from EE, with a launch date of 2013.

    Sit back chill and wait for the right pricing structure would be my advice.

    3GPP, the 3rd generation partnership project 3gpp.org
    EE.co.uk, Everything Everywhere

    Day 2


    The action continues here in Vegas, feels quieter than yesterday and in fact the entire event is reportedly quieter than last year (so I’m told) lots of stories of people unable to attend, due to sandy.
    Some entire sessions cancelled as the speakers could not make it to the event, terrible for all those involved.

    Some of the really interesting sessions that were due to be presented that have been cancelled Jack Gold, for example “The state of enterprise mobility, costs and expectations” sounded good.

    I have been following the news on twitter, what an amazing way to consume news, you read tweets from celebrities to governors all in the same moment, Twitter is the new way to read the news. If that has been happening for years sorry, the penny just dropped for me.

    Checkout #sandy some moving tweets.

    The day started here after a Nutella muffin with an “Experts guide to HTML5” presented by Wesley Hales from CNN, author of the O’Reilly book HTML5 and JavaScript webapps.

    One billion HTML5 capable devices will be sold in 2013, mobile browsers are growing fast as people’s primary browsing device.

    Wesley shared some great insights into what decisions to make before you start developing Webapps in HTML5 and CSS3, what webkits to support and how to grade browsers so more advanced browsers get more functionality.

    He demo’d native like touch and swipe functionality in a browser, and accelerometer integration in a browser, so orientation enabled pages could be used.

    To demonstrate web sockets Wesley showed a web page with voting results and then directed those in the audience with a mobile device to goto a URL, this page allowed you to vote on your level of satisfaction with the talk, a great way to show web sockets efficiencies and also a great way to engage your audience without giving voting devices to those attending.

    NUGGET: HTML5 is the way forward, with a billion capable devices to be sold in 2013 you can deliver great native experience cross platform.

    3i a U.S based based software company shared some great insight into enabling users to easily approve and manage their SAP responsibilities.

    NUGGET: Senior managers rarely login to SAP, but they are usually the approvers, so they entrust PA’s with their login to approve on their behalf. We need to re-skin the ugly systems and mobile is the vehicle to enable this.

    3i also raised some great discussion points around cross platform and offline support.

  • If your app vendor provides a native client for each platform their product is not cross platform, it’s just 4 separate products that do the same thing
  • If your app does not support offline it’s not mobile, the need to be tethered to a network makes it so
  • Checkout more tomorrow ….

    Siri…. are you telling porkies?


    Hurricane Sandy heads towards the east coast of the United States

    Meanwhile…. Siri is either telling porkies or is being used by Apple to keep the peace! Can the Apple cool factor even effect Mother Nature?

    This article from the Telegraph talks about a modern Michael Fish!

    Telegraph, Siri and Sandy

    Source:The Telegraph

    BYO rolls into town, Power to the People!

    You said it was bring your own?

    There are many predictions as to how consumerization will evolve up to 2016 and as it is so big right now we cannot ignore it in business. This is not a case of the flying cars that never arrive as the evolution from the Spectrum being a consumer device to what we have today is mind boggling.

    Of course previously there was the work / home IT divide which has evolved from having access to up to date IT systems at work and basic PC capability at home, through to home being more up to date than work, to now where it’s so good at home we are demanding to use it at work, did you follow that? In case not let me explain again …

    Way back when, IT was for businesses

    Then people dabbled at home, expensive and not very powerful home computers
    Then more and more people got PC’s but work was still ahead of most people’s home PC
    Then came cheap systems better than work and the Internet software as a service
    Now you can keep you dull locked down 2kg corporate laptop

    Initially businesses may think, cost savings but that’s not an open and shut coffer by any means.

    Consumerisation will not win, it’s all we’ve got, It’s better featured, evolves faster so its already won if you look at it like that.

    Some of the things to think about when planning for the new world, these I gathered from a myriad of sources, and of course some are easy to read and not so to implement.

  • Standardise on file formats not the apps or tools
  • Licence people not devices
  • Let em use what they want, within reason!
  • Authenticate people not devices
  • Manage info not the applications
  • Encrypt everything
  • Don’t try to control things you don’t own, just those you do
  • The user is in charge of device and application decisions, get over it
  • Encourage users to support themselves and champion superusers
  • If you know of any big gotcha’s I missed please let me know, this is just the good ones I came up with.

    Lastly, if you feel this is a threat to IT and end up trying to block it, you will be circumvented. It’s an opportunity for IT and should be treated as a great time to handover some of the grunt work by passing it to cloud providers and users. You can’t stop this, power to the people!