Device Management, Application Management, What’s the story?

IT depts need to manage devices, and in the past this has resulted in expensive large scale deployments of platforms to push software, gather inventories and provide visibility of our estates, now we have some added complications, one being BYOD!

If you go out and buy yourself an expensive device why on earth would you allow your company to take control of it just so you can get the pleasure of checking your work email?

Having to enter an 8 digit alphanumeric password to watch BBC iPlayer, No thanks!

Queue, MAM, Mobile Application Management, that’s the management of the app and it’s data regardless of the device. The container your company delivers to your phone contains all your ring fenced corporate data, and if you go AWOL one click and the data is gone, while not wiping all the personal data off the device of course.

With Corporate assets it is of course different, company provided equipment can be managed and for that we need an MDM platform.


  • IT needs a cloud based MDM, not internally hosted, these devices are all
    Internet connected and therefore it is the best connectivity option
  • A cloud SaaS MDM solution will stay contemporary, that’s a challenge for IT Depts
  • When new devices come along support is added quickly
  • An interesting dilemma with MDM is what to do with your existing MDM? Altris, SCCM.
    This is DM (Device Management) and it is crazy to run a DM and an MDM, right?

    Therefore we need to converge these and going MDM in the cloud provides a
    great destination for DM, when the right time comes along for your company.

    Vendors can see this and AirWatch have recently launched a Windows
    client, the prize is obvious and the other option is out in the cold.

    If your planning an DM upgrade, checkout what MDM options you have before you just upgrade anyway.