Don’t write off Nokia and Phone8

20130221-201351.jpg I usually stay away from evaluations as they are subjective and can be damaging, being only one mans opinion after all. For the Top Gear fans amongst us the Vauxhall Vectra springs to mind? I have never driven one but Clarkson has made sure we think they are the worse car ever made and to walk is better than to ever get within a mile of one, they surely can’t be that bad?

With all that said I am now going to share my opinion on the new Nokia Lumia 620, pictured above.

On opening the box, which is not an Apple box opening experience, I was impressed, the device outshines its humble wrappings for sure.

On boot a bright and colourful screen greets the user, the phone feels strong, all be it the back is a little plasticky, its overall a “Nice to hold” device.

We now move from reviewing a Nokia to reviewing an operating system and Microsoft Phone8 is impressive to. This is my first exposure to the tiled interface and it feels slick, the phone is responsive and fluid the UI enjoyable, in fact the novelty/fiddle factor lasted some days.

So after a month of use I can officially say I like Phone8 and Lumia, a good marriage and one that works.

I would like a charging cover to be able to wireless charge, which is on my shopping list and I would like to see more apps in the Microsoft Store, which will come in time but Microsoft has been slow out of the blocks here.

Now onto Nokia Maps, this is the piece de resistance! I downloaded the Maps Beta and this is superb, full turn by turn GPS in the phone, plus you can download a region or map in advance, so if you end up someone by suprise, no problem, download the map over WiFi or Cellular. If you know where your headed, pre-download from home before you leave, the perfect scenario, global maps built in FOC. (Free of Charge)

The camera is good, not astonishing considering Carl Zeiss is involved but physics still has its part to play and it’s a small sensor after all.

So to sum up then,

    Windows Phone8 is fresh, tiles that change and provide information are great, it is easy to find your way round and not frustrating when you first try to find your way round.
    The phone, Nokia know their beans, it shows, nuff said, although it’s about the Apps and let lets the side down right now.
    Having made many calls on the phone it’s clear and reliable, the speaker needs to be right over your ear, which I found difficult aligning initially, a small detail once you get used to it.

Is this package good enough for 3rd place and enough to keep it from Blackberry? Yes but so is BB10 on paper… may the best platform win!


Mobile Device News

20130204-010028.jpgIt’s busy busy at the gadget end of the mobile world and although it’s not all about the bling its still our most favourite part.

So here’s a round up of the latest action,

  • Blackberry (formally RIM) release Z10 and Q10, they look great, let’s hope it all works out for them. I have to say I’m looking forward to playing with one.
  • Blackberry have also said they will release BB10 for Playbook, that lovely little bargain of a tablet, could spark a revival for the pint sized beauty, more apps would also help!
  • Samsung to launch the XCover2 S7710 builders phone, waterproof to 1m for up to an hour and pretty rugged, great if you need tough.
  • Samsung have been busy, soon we also get the Ativ Odyssey I930 Windows Phone, running Redmond’s latest release 8, can it give the Lumia’s a run for their money?
  • LG announce their Spirit 4G with all mod cons and a staggering $199 price tag. With 4.5′ screen, dual core CPU 5MP camera and running the latest in Jelly Bean, this is a bargain, I couldn’t however find any info on this device in the UK.
  • February 19th should see the launch simultaneously in New York and London of HTC’s flagship M7, this beast gets 1.7Ghz snapdragon CPU, 13MP camera and pixel density that’s off the scale at 469ppi (iPhone5 has 326ppi) can’t want to play with this one, looks great to.
  • Nokia are having better times at the moment with the Lumia’s doing well, the rumour is a 38MP Windows Phone will release this year, sounds mad but I bet the pictures will be good.
  • Ahead of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this is the most important news I could find, lots more to come over the following weeks.

    Having hoped to be at MWC this year I got a ticket, then tried to book a fight, everything is booked solid and priced through the roof, I need to be more organised for 2014 MWC!

    I’m test driving a Nokia Lumia 820 so will write up experiences over the next few weeks, what is cool is that Nokia have released the 3D information to allow you to print your own backs, well assuming you have a 3d printer that is.

    Picture: Nokia 2650 2004 Nokia sold 35 millions of these storm trooper phones.