What does LTE bring?


LTE or Long Term Evolution 4G is now in most tablet and phone specs so time to do some digging, what does it give us, how much is it, and more importantly when can we have it?

As the current version does not meet the spec for 4G yet it has been known as 3.9G, 4G will be able to deliver speeds of up to 1Gbps. How cool is that on a mobile device, well just a fraction of it would be good, and I still cannot make a voice call for more than a couple of minutes on the train journey to the office before it drops.

The 3GPP who are responsible for bringing all of the global bodies together predict 4G to be the first truly global standard. With it already deployed in Japan and Oslo and many other countries busy building a service its exciting times in the world of mobile communications.

LTE Advanced, the next iteration brings 3Gbps download and 1.5Gbps upload capable networks so maybe bandwidth constraints are eventually going to be a thing of the past, although I remember having this same thought in 1991 when I was learning about X.25 and compared to modem dial it was fast.

EE, everything everywhere the partnership between Orange and T-Mobile have released their service,

An entry level iPhone5 16Gb with 3Gb per month allowance is £50 for the device and £46 per month for the service, this raises to £56 per month for 8Gb. With all that bandwidth you need to go steady 50Mb is an extra £3! 2 year contract of course.

That’s £1150 TCO assuming you never roam or spend outside of your plan, ouch!

Choice is limited still with O2 and Vodafone needing to wait for the radio spectrum auction next year and Three acquiring some frequency from EE, with a launch date of 2013.

Sit back chill and wait for the right pricing structure would be my advice.

3GPP, the 3rd generation partnership project 3gpp.org
EE.co.uk, Everything Everywhere


The rumours were right, an iPad mini!


The rumours have been rife lately and I have so say much of what I had read was true, are Apple loosing the ability to keep a secret or is it just a publicity stunt?

I think the reason it was so hard to guess before was the innovations were so much more forward thinking where as lately they have been rather, shall we say “Predictable”

It’s a worry when even Apple advocates start to doubt their religion, I have spoken to many who believe it stopped when Steve Jobs walked out of the office for the last time, but only time will tell.

To summarise then…

Apple introduces a smaller 7.9′ iPad called the mini
Apple also introduces a 4th gen iPad, called the errr iPad

The mini iPad

  • 7.9′ Display, 1024×768 168 PPI (pixels per inch)
  • 312g (3G &Wifi model)
  • Dual Core A5 CPU
  • HD iSight camera
  • 5mp Full HD Camera
  • up to 10 hours of browsing
  • The 4th Gen iPad

    As before but with the A6 CPU and that blasted connector that is causing so much pain for people!

    So Apple fans, excited and pre-ordering their new mini
    Non-Apple fans, moaning through gritted teeth and bestowing the virtues of their android tab!

    For now iPad IMHO has the edge, but the phone is a different debate