Microsoft licences Lotus Migration Suite in their 365 offering


For those still using Lotus Notes and Domino the constant smugness from the population of Exchange’ville is rather tiresome, for those already there it’s paradise. Well that’s what they tell us anyway!

The Notes lovers tell you your ill-informed and the anti’s just tell you “It’s so much easier in Outlook” A divided city indeed, all be it not down the middle 🙂

There are lots of interesting reads about this subject as it sparks passion and questions peoples technology beliefs.

So with Microsoft announcing the “Lotus to Anything” product available to assist migrating to Office365 there is yet another reason for the anti’s to look smug, again.

Of course cloud collaboration platforms are the way forward, and we all need to get there ASAP so IT Depts can focus on enabling their businesses, rather than supporting BAU systems.

Here’s the initial story
The Register

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There’s a good blog from a while ago by Ed Brill, almost Mr Notes
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What ever your view it will rage on for some time.