Big day today for all the Apple Fans


Here we go again! Today is another Apple big unveiling. Its been 6 or so years since these events started causing excitement, I wonder how long that will last? possibly they are not as big as before but it still seems to get the chatter going.

I’ve read many predictions ranging from new iPads, new OSX, Smart watches, a new cheaper phone, even spy pictures of the same device that are different!

Only time will tell but recently some of the leaks have turned out to be true so you never know. Other vendors seem to fail in generating this level of chatter and excitement, so how do Apple do it and can they keep it?

Chris Matyszczyk from CNet puts it quite well,

Some people know how to dress, some don’t. Some people know what looks good, and some people wear plaid shirts to the opera. Some even put a stripey tie on to “match” that plaid shirt.
Those looking to define taste find themselves enmeshed in nebulous terminology. Yet Apple’s computers, phones, and tablets so often appear and instantly cause both admiration and envy.
This is the company that managed to produce a turquoise computer and make it desirable.
This is the company that took the existing concept of the tablet and turned it into a necessary accessory.

So there is more to it than just the technology, these people are fashion gurus or victims depending on your view!