iPhone or iPhony?


Amid the usual hype and excitement the 6th Generation iPhone is unveiled, Tim Cook took to the stage in yesterday’s keynote in San Francisco California.

The new version sporting a longer screen looks low key, causing some to think Apple are missing Steve’s technology spark.

A 5th row on icons on the home screen, 4G wireless and the next generation Apple A6 CPU are all packed inside, the CPU is reported to be twice as fast as the previous version, while increasing the battery life from the outgoing model.

With a distinct lack of NFC capability Cook said he has some concerns over the current implementations on the market and that PassBook, Apple’s ticketing and voucher offering meets customers needs.

With Apples own mapping application replacing Googlemaps they have added Turn by Turn navigation and fly by features.

Probably the most controversial subject was the dock connector, the trusty iPod connector is to be retired after almost a decade of service to make way for Lightning the new reversible connector, if you have existing devices you can always pay £25 for a converter 😉

Check out the full spec and comparison to the 4S on Engadget

So the battle hots up again,  let’s see if Apple can make back some of the ground they have lost to Samsung recently.

Where’s is the wireless charging Can Apple do no wrong or is the tide turning?