Migrating App-Stores is an expensive nightmare

Migrate from App Store to Google Play Store

Thinking of moving App Stores?

If your an iOS’er or an Androidian there may come a time when you decide you need a change.

Swapping from an iPhone to an Android seems reasonable and something many of us would like to do.

iPhone users, thinking about you’re next device?  Along comes Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, both are very capable alternatives and very tempting …

Obviously Apple, Google, Microsoft and the like do not want to loose you and by having a library of apps you have paid for is a good insurance for them, after all who wants to buy all their apps again? A single reason to choose one over the other due to application availability is shrinking as their libraries equalise, so the next risk is that you will move and find cheaper (or free) alternatives rather than buying the products again.

Example: You paid £39.99 or more for TomTom on iPhone and decide to buy an HTC One next time round, you could

1. Buy it again on Android and give TomTom another £24.99
2. Use the Google built in Navigation on the HTC One, TomTom have then lost you, probably for ever.

Hypothetical 3. TomTom do not want to loose you regardless of what device you use so they offer you a migration path and swap your licence from iOS to Android, perhaps for a small fee, £2.99 say?

All the other vendors who have competitive products in the popular app stores should be working on this as a future model, cheap apps or no cheap apps we don’t want to keep buying them!

Come on software companies keep up.


iOS7 Cat is out of the Bag


WWDC kicked off today with some exciting announcements with the many Apple fans rammed in the Mascone Centre in San Francisco … 

Let us focus on iOS7 among the many announcements… including OSX and iTunes Radio a Spotify type service.

Tim Cook started the iOS bit with a bunch of stats around usage, but it was all the usual waffle and the proof will be in the eating anyway, sorry Tim.

By far the biggest aspect of the announcement is the Jony Ive inspired new look and feel. Dare I say an Android look unlock screen welcomes you into a layered interface of totally newly designed icons, and a flat clean look seems to be the best way to explain it.

Next, Multi-Tasking for all, yes all Apps! wonder if Steve is spinning in his grave?

They talk about some great features to save battery, for instance if the phone wakes up for some reason then all apps will use the moment to update at the same time, if your in cellular coverage then update apps, don’t waste battery trying to connect only to discover your in a dead spot, sounds quite cool, Get it?

Eddy Cue took to the stage and unveiled a new Siri, well a male and female voice that is, plus some new integrations, you can turn on bluetooth and search for web results from Bing and Wikipedia for example.

One initially exciting feature is Activation Lock..an Apple attempt at the rising theft and re-use of their products. With iOS7 a lost device is useless without the owners iTunes username and password, well that’s assuming the security community don’t break it.

Available to all in the Autumn it looks like a good stab at hanging onto the many defectors, the Apple share price didn’t react that well, but time will tell and as I say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

More from the mountain of announcements soon….

eBay, what a mobile success..

Having not sold anything on eBay for some time and Santa having come up with the goods for my son, he wanted to sell his old mobile phone.

Remember what selling on eBay was like on a PC?

Find a digital camera, take the pictures, turn the house upside down looking for the SD to USB adapter to copy the pictures off, upload, type in all the details blah blah, what a mission!

So, of course I didn’t bother very often and therefore companies like eBay have jumped on the mobile revolution making it easier for us to sell. Initially we could look, then buy then sell and now lots of the functionality has been mobilised and what a revolution.

I took a picture of the device on my phone, had the original box, so scanned the barcode and all the technical detail were pre-populated, uploaded the picture, confirmed paypal and postage details and listed the item, all this in less that 5 minutes. Done!

eBay or should I say ebay as they now prefer have had over 100million downloads of the app and estimate over $10b in revenue has gone via the mobile platform.

This is a great example of how mobile can benefit everyone, If we can all find one opportunity that is a fraction of the size of ebay in success terms we can make a massive difference.

The chips are down for Apple, well up actually!


A South Korean newspaper is reporting that Samsung have upped the cost of the CPU’s they supply to Apple by 20%.

That’s not really a surprise though is it? They need to get some of the $1.05bn back!

Even though you read that Samsung Mobile and Samsung semiconductor are totally separate and have completely different relationships you can’t be blamed for assuming the mother ship at Samsung has stick it’s finger(s) up at Apple, or whatever they do in Korea.

Apple are set to use 200 million Samsung CPU’s this year and are contracted to supply until 2014.

With Jim Keller, the Chief Architect of Apple’s A4,A5 and A5x CPU’s moving to AMD back in August Apple is having some ups and downs at the moment. Jim takes all that mobile device CPU Dev experience with him to AMD, so expect a decent AMD Mobile chip some time.

Apple’s A4 CPU debuted in the original iPad and was their first System on a Chip (SoC) processor, it was superseded by the A5 in the iPad2 and the A5x in the 3rd Gen iPad. The most recent iPad the 4th gen now sports at A6X CPU which is dual core and quad core graphics GPU.

Chosun Ilbo Korean Paper

Siri…. are you telling porkies?


Hurricane Sandy heads towards the east coast of the United States

Meanwhile…. Siri is either telling porkies or is being used by Apple to keep the peace! Can the Apple cool factor even effect Mother Nature?

This article from the Telegraph talks about a modern Michael Fish!

Telegraph, Siri and Sandy

Source:The Telegraph