The rumours were right, an iPad mini!


The rumours have been rife lately and I have so say much of what I had read was true, are Apple loosing the ability to keep a secret or is it just a publicity stunt?

I think the reason it was so hard to guess before was the innovations were so much more forward thinking where as lately they have been rather, shall we say “Predictable”

It’s a worry when even Apple advocates start to doubt their religion, I have spoken to many who believe it stopped when Steve Jobs walked out of the office for the last time, but only time will tell.

To summarise then…

Apple introduces a smaller 7.9′ iPad called the mini
Apple also introduces a 4th gen iPad, called the errr iPad

The mini iPad

  • 7.9′ Display, 1024×768 168 PPI (pixels per inch)
  • 312g (3G &Wifi model)
  • Dual Core A5 CPU
  • HD iSight camera
  • 5mp Full HD Camera
  • up to 10 hours of browsing
  • The 4th Gen iPad

    As before but with the A6 CPU and that blasted connector that is causing so much pain for people!

    So Apple fans, excited and pre-ordering their new mini
    Non-Apple fans, moaning through gritted teeth and bestowing the virtues of their android tab!

    For now iPad IMHO has the edge, but the phone is a different debate


    Travelling with just an iPad

    While on a business trip to India I decided to bring just an iPad, resulting in a not insignificant list of capabilities to keep me amused

  • FaceTime my family, assuming the hotel has good WiFi
  • Watch BBC content on the flight
  • Keep up to date with email using the corporate email solution
  • Listen to my Music Collection
  • Read a Book
  • Keep my Blog up to date
  • Wakeup on time with the Alarm Clock, thanks to iOS6
  • Not use Maps, thanks to iOS6
  • Make some notes of objectives for the meeting
  • Access the corporate applications via Citrix
  • Write a document or create a presentation
  • Browse the Internet
  • I should confess I actually packed my work laptop but decided to check in my case and do not plan to use it. I was thinking it’s just there for a “Break Glass” moment, I only hope the baggage handlers don’t take that literally.

    Without doubt the iPad is a superb device, I have tried Galaxy Tabs, Notes, Lenovo Tablets and the infamous playbook, but none cut it quite like the iPad, you think it’s down to app availability but check my list, only BBC offline viewing is not possible on an Android!

    So what is it?

    I don’t make any secrets about the fact I like Apple products, but I am not a fan boy, but first what is a Fan Boy?

    “Fan Boy” Definition : A Person or persons who would literally buy a turd if it had the Apple logo embossed on it, who typically cannot bear to hear a single negative word spoken about their beloved company and will not entertain any other product however compelling its proposition.


    The convenience of Mobile Technology


    It occurred to me the other day when switching on my iMac that it didn’t get to see much action these days, and it started me thinking…

    Our use of desktops and even laptops has fallen dramatically as mobile technology has moved on, we go back to our PCs less and less to complete tasks, consume content as it’s so convenient on say a tablet.

    Browsing whilst half watching some mind numbing drivel on TV is normal, well it is for me anyway!

    The BBC with iPlayer has seen new peak times vastly different from the old ones when people would gather round the box, 11pm weekdays and 10am Saturday mornings, iPads in bed possibly?

    So the traditional PC has one foot in the grave? The one in the grave being consumer and the one out being corporate perhaps.