iOS7 Cat is out of the Bag


WWDC kicked off today with some exciting announcements with the many Apple fans rammed in the Mascone Centre in San Francisco … 

Let us focus on iOS7 among the many announcements… including OSX and iTunes Radio a Spotify type service.

Tim Cook started the iOS bit with a bunch of stats around usage, but it was all the usual waffle and the proof will be in the eating anyway, sorry Tim.

By far the biggest aspect of the announcement is the Jony Ive inspired new look and feel. Dare I say an Android look unlock screen welcomes you into a layered interface of totally newly designed icons, and a flat clean look seems to be the best way to explain it.

Next, Multi-Tasking for all, yes all Apps! wonder if Steve is spinning in his grave?

They talk about some great features to save battery, for instance if the phone wakes up for some reason then all apps will use the moment to update at the same time, if your in cellular coverage then update apps, don’t waste battery trying to connect only to discover your in a dead spot, sounds quite cool, Get it?

Eddy Cue took to the stage and unveiled a new Siri, well a male and female voice that is, plus some new integrations, you can turn on bluetooth and search for web results from Bing and Wikipedia for example.

One initially exciting feature is Activation Apple attempt at the rising theft and re-use of their products. With iOS7 a lost device is useless without the owners iTunes username and password, well that’s assuming the security community don’t break it.

Available to all in the Autumn it looks like a good stab at hanging onto the many defectors, the Apple share price didn’t react that well, but time will tell and as I say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

More from the mountain of announcements soon….


Android and iOS account for 92.3% of the Smartphone Pie


That’s a big slice of the pie even for those with a substancial appetite, like Google.

So the Q1 2013 numbers are in and its Google domination all the way …

Of the 216 million units shipped in the first quarter of the year Google, Samsung and in fact anyone else promoting Android is onto a winner

  • Android – 75%
  • iOS – 17.3%
  • Windows Phone 3.2% (of which Nokia is 75%)
  • Blackberry 2.9%

The big news is that Microsoft have leapfrogged Blackberry to steal 3rd spot. Blackberry have slipped their share from 6% this time last year to a 2.9% this year according to IDC.

Apple have moved from 22.5% share this time last year while Android grew from 56.9%, truly stunning and thanks almost exclusively to Samsung!

Source : IDC

IBM 2013 Mobile Focus Areas


IBM unveil their 2013 focus areas for Mobile. Having provided 66 deliverables in mobile during 2012 they announced the focus areas for this year , based on discussions and feedback with CIO’s.

  • Innovative Tablet Experiences
  • Providing their range of native applications across phone and tablet platforms.
    E.g., Sametime, Sametime Meetings, Traveller and Connections

  • Multi-Channel solutions for Social Business
  • IBM’s push to include other functions continues, opening up application directly to HR and Marketing for example with little or no I.T involvement required.

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • So they have been listening to CIO’s pain and have added this as a focus area, a good move as lots of companies cannot deploy Traveller for example, because it does not sit securely in a container. Let’s hope this focus will mean a positive response otherwise many will have to continue to look elsewhere. On further investigation this is more about MDM so sadly the issue remains.

    A busy 2013 for the IBM developer community and with the focus away from Lotus it will be interesting to see what happens in this new era, this is where the acquisition of Worklight should start to show through.

    The one real issue is the apparent need for a Lotus backend, which begs the question on sustainability. An interesting challenge for IBM to ensure when companies move away from on-premise email, which we all will in time, to the cloud they do not loose customers to other areas.

    If you move from on-premise Notes email to Microsoft in the cloud would you stay with Sametime or move that to, same with connections.

    Positioning the products as a family, but also as standalone is key for sustainability. IMHO

    A Samsung with an 8 core CPU!

    Having spent the last few months telling people it’s not about the hardware and apps are everything Samsung go and try being the exception to that rule!

    When I say it is not about the hardware of course I refer to apps we can download and use, and on the one hand the most beautiful hardware device with no apps would be as good as a chocolate teapot, on the flip side I would rather a ropey dog of a handset with my favourite apps on it any day.

    Now Apple of course are churning out beautiful devices but actually they should be known as “Beautiful platforms for the consumption of content” Samsung on the other hand are attempting to appeal to everyone,

  • Those who want decent hardware (their devices look sexy)
  • Those who want apps (Play Store app availability is pretty good)
  • Techies who love specs, quad core this and 64Gb of that
  • Finally those who don’t like Apple
  • The processor will be 4 high powered Cortex-A15’s with 4 lesser A7’s wedged in there somewhere, so let’s hope they can get battery life running that little lot.

    I’ve read predictions stating it is coming in the S4, due mid-2013, and others claiming its due in a tablet, so we can safely say we don’t know.

    Read more details

    Android now powers 75% of the worlds smartphones


    Yep, 3/4’s of all smartphones shipped globally run Android, that’s pretty impressive market penetration.
    Android Inc, founded in California in 2003 and acquired by Google some 2 years later was in the process of making a smartphone operating system that was more aware of its location and user preferences when the giant snapped it up.

    The first handset the HTC Dream aka T-Mobile G1 was released in October 2008 and from those humble beginnings they have taken 75% of the market.

    Of course low cost devices must make a reasonable amount of their share but hi-end iOS bashing devices are popular, take Samsung’s S3 for example, sells like hot cakes.

    IDC reported,

    In all, 181 million of the 136.1 million smartphones shipped worldwide in Q3 2012 ran Android.
    More Android smartphones were shipped in Q3 2012 than the total number of smartphones shipped in all of 2007, the year Android was first offered

    Apple shipped 26.9 million in Q3 this year, a 5th of the Google number which puts it in perspective, not forgetting Blackberry and Microsoft when there are only 18million remaining.

    All that at the tender age of 6!

    IDC Info


    The rumours were right, an iPad mini!


    The rumours have been rife lately and I have so say much of what I had read was true, are Apple loosing the ability to keep a secret or is it just a publicity stunt?

    I think the reason it was so hard to guess before was the innovations were so much more forward thinking where as lately they have been rather, shall we say “Predictable”

    It’s a worry when even Apple advocates start to doubt their religion, I have spoken to many who believe it stopped when Steve Jobs walked out of the office for the last time, but only time will tell.

    To summarise then…

    Apple introduces a smaller 7.9′ iPad called the mini
    Apple also introduces a 4th gen iPad, called the errr iPad

    The mini iPad

  • 7.9′ Display, 1024×768 168 PPI (pixels per inch)
  • 312g (3G &Wifi model)
  • Dual Core A5 CPU
  • HD iSight camera
  • 5mp Full HD Camera
  • up to 10 hours of browsing
  • The 4th Gen iPad

    As before but with the A6 CPU and that blasted connector that is causing so much pain for people!

    So Apple fans, excited and pre-ordering their new mini
    Non-Apple fans, moaning through gritted teeth and bestowing the virtues of their android tab!

    For now iPad IMHO has the edge, but the phone is a different debate