Mobile method of delivery

With BYO, Corporate and 3rd Party devices in your enviornment requiring access to your systems and data how do you address this?

MDM? I covered this earlier in the week, do not MDM personal devices, it’s a liberty and not a good experience for your users especially if they paid for them with their hard earned.

If you speak to your legal dept they will tell you that allowing staff, on their own devices, to drop your documents all over them is a no no. You need to maintain control because legally your obliged to secure your data, and you don’t want authorities seizing a personal device in the event of a discovery situation. All corporate files on a personal device need to be a copy of what is available in the enterprise, that way the gadget is superfluous, but enough of that before you nod off!

If your enabling personal BYO’ers then you need a container that way you can be sure your data is nicely encased safely, problem is there’re not the best experience and defiantly not like a native client, on iOS they don’t multitask, and you get charged per device rather than per user by the majority of vendors. in short they feel like a backward step especially having to synchronise.

If you have Microsoft Exchange at the back your in an slightly better position to give your users a more Blackberry like experience but if not then don’t sell it as a BB replacement, sell the flexibility to your users.

So the moral of the story then… a medicine tastes horrible but has a job to do a container is the same, if your doing the right thing and managing the app not the device then for now your in a good place, well the best place you can be while being compliant.

The OS manufacturers need to finish building the split personality features into the platforms properly so we can enjoy native’like without the risks, so far only blackberry balance does this properly.


Day 2


The action continues here in Vegas, feels quieter than yesterday and in fact the entire event is reportedly quieter than last year (so I’m told) lots of stories of people unable to attend, due to sandy.
Some entire sessions cancelled as the speakers could not make it to the event, terrible for all those involved.

Some of the really interesting sessions that were due to be presented that have been cancelled Jack Gold, for example “The state of enterprise mobility, costs and expectations” sounded good.

I have been following the news on twitter, what an amazing way to consume news, you read tweets from celebrities to governors all in the same moment, Twitter is the new way to read the news. If that has been happening for years sorry, the penny just dropped for me.

Checkout #sandy some moving tweets.

The day started here after a Nutella muffin with an “Experts guide to HTML5” presented by Wesley Hales from CNN, author of the O’Reilly book HTML5 and JavaScript webapps.

One billion HTML5 capable devices will be sold in 2013, mobile browsers are growing fast as people’s primary browsing device.

Wesley shared some great insights into what decisions to make before you start developing Webapps in HTML5 and CSS3, what webkits to support and how to grade browsers so more advanced browsers get more functionality.

He demo’d native like touch and swipe functionality in a browser, and accelerometer integration in a browser, so orientation enabled pages could be used.

To demonstrate web sockets Wesley showed a web page with voting results and then directed those in the audience with a mobile device to goto a URL, this page allowed you to vote on your level of satisfaction with the talk, a great way to show web sockets efficiencies and also a great way to engage your audience without giving voting devices to those attending.

NUGGET: HTML5 is the way forward, with a billion capable devices to be sold in 2013 you can deliver great native experience cross platform.

3i a U.S based based software company shared some great insight into enabling users to easily approve and manage their SAP responsibilities.

NUGGET: Senior managers rarely login to SAP, but they are usually the approvers, so they entrust PA’s with their login to approve on their behalf. We need to re-skin the ugly systems and mobile is the vehicle to enable this.

3i also raised some great discussion points around cross platform and offline support.

  • If your app vendor provides a native client for each platform their product is not cross platform, it’s just 4 separate products that do the same thing
  • If your app does not support offline it’s not mobile, the need to be tethered to a network makes it so
  • Checkout more tomorrow ….