HTC to launch a Phablet called the Incredible X


HTC are rumoured to be launching their own Phablet in the near future, that’s a cross between a tablet and a phone in case you were wondering.

To compete with the Samsung Note and the LG Intuition, this device is rumoured to have a 480 pixels per inch (ppi) 5′ HD display. That may sound rather dull, but considering the iPhone Retina display has 326 ppi isn’t that even more pixels the human eye cannot see?

With HTC hosting an event on the 19th, it’s going to be a busy week as Nokia and Microsoft are also “showing and telling” on the same day.

So with LG, HTC and Nokia hosting events on Wednesday, the same day as Apple begins to allow iOS6 downloads, and Amazon showcasing tech on Thursday what a week for mobile!

HTC Phablet