Power to the people! Well almost…


Does this look familiar?

Back in 2009 the GSMA trade association announced at it’s annual bash, Mobile World Congress, held annually in Barcelona, that the mini USB connector would be standard across all manufacturers.

No more searching for adapters, travelling with lots of different types, if you have a mini USB charger your good to go!

17 mobile operators committed to implementing the standard as it would make life easier for the billions of users, and it’s an environmental issue constantly throwing away perfectly good equipment because of a simple connector.

Sadly Apple was absent from the agreement back then, deliberately alienating themselves once again from the pack, although it was no surprise at the time.

So here we are back in 2012 and queue Lightening, Apple’s new dock connector.

So in abstraction from the rest of the industry it looks good, small, reversible, should be no need to fiddle around in the dark to get orientation, interestingly is has 22 less pins, so it’s a quarter of the size. Quarter of the size with a quarter of the pins, woohoo ahhh but it is reversible! 🙂

So for those with lots of existing accessories for the now obsolete 30 pin connector an adapter is available from Apple, as mentioned yesterday at an eye watering £25.

Luckily for us users, the EU has forced Apple to also make an adapter for the 8pin to convert it to MiniUSB, so for another charge (£15) you can have one charger for your Mini USB and Apple Devices, may as well carry multiple chargers, at least you can charge simultaneously and save yourself the cash in the process, plus how long before you loose it anyway?

The question remains, “While Apple is so good at making beautiful products that sell themselves like hot cakes, why do they employ these tactics that just give ammunition to the anti-Apple’ers and potentially stop the in-betweeners from coming across?

EU forces Apple to provide adapter