Day 3 @ Gartner Catalyst

Attended a great theatre session this morning on the next generation desktop, hosted by Centrix

They introduce a compelling approach to dealing with the myriad of devices we turn up with these days, allowing IT to control what users can do, how they do it, while still enabling them to do their jobs.

The metrics from their 2.5 million seats show that 50% of applications delivered to users desktops during the Windows7 upgrade are not used, but we mostly approached in the same way, if a user had an app in XP we delivered it to them in Windows7.

This product claims to be able to provide some impressive reporting and analytics on your environment, giving you an opportunity for savings. That can be the vehicle to deploy, then you can take advantage of the many other features.

Desktop aggregators are a large part of new and emerging client computing products on the market

Centrix Software

File sync, AKA Dropbox and the File sharing nightmare

There are now 60+ vendors in this space, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, iCloud etc

Most companies will find upwards of 20 of these on their network and the risks of data leaks are real!

These platforms are really useful when organisations want to share files with external companies and we must remember however dangerous, they take the burden off our email systems, and the majority of emails are send in the clear anyway.