BYO rolls into town, Power to the People!

You said it was bring your own?

There are many predictions as to how consumerization will evolve up to 2016 and as it is so big right now we cannot ignore it in business. This is not a case of the flying cars that never arrive as the evolution from the Spectrum being a consumer device to what we have today is mind boggling.

Of course previously there was the work / home IT divide which has evolved from having access to up to date IT systems at work and basic PC capability at home, through to home being more up to date than work, to now where it’s so good at home we are demanding to use it at work, did you follow that? In case not let me explain again …

Way back when, IT was for businesses

Then people dabbled at home, expensive and not very powerful home computers
Then more and more people got PC’s but work was still ahead of most people’s home PC
Then came cheap systems better than work and the Internet software as a service
Now you can keep you dull locked down 2kg corporate laptop

Initially businesses may think, cost savings but that’s not an open and shut coffer by any means.

Consumerisation will not win, it’s all we’ve got, It’s better featured, evolves faster so its already won if you look at it like that.

Some of the things to think about when planning for the new world, these I gathered from a myriad of sources, and of course some are easy to read and not so to implement.

  • Standardise on file formats not the apps or tools
  • Licence people not devices
  • Let em use what they want, within reason!
  • Authenticate people not devices
  • Manage info not the applications
  • Encrypt everything
  • Don’t try to control things you don’t own, just those you do
  • The user is in charge of device and application decisions, get over it
  • Encourage users to support themselves and champion superusers
  • If you know of any big gotcha’s I missed please let me know, this is just the good ones I came up with.

    Lastly, if you feel this is a threat to IT and end up trying to block it, you will be circumvented. It’s an opportunity for IT and should be treated as a great time to handover some of the grunt work by passing it to cloud providers and users. You can’t stop this, power to the people!