A Samsung with an 8 core CPU!

Having spent the last few months telling people it’s not about the hardware and apps are everything Samsung go and try being the exception to that rule!

When I say it is not about the hardware of course I refer to apps we can download and use, and on the one hand the most beautiful hardware device with no apps would be as good as a chocolate teapot, on the flip side I would rather a ropey dog of a handset with my favourite apps on it any day.

Now Apple of course are churning out beautiful devices but actually they should be known as “Beautiful platforms for the consumption of content” Samsung on the other hand are attempting to appeal to everyone,

  • Those who want decent hardware (their devices look sexy)
  • Those who want apps (Play Store app availability is pretty good)
  • Techies who love specs, quad core this and 64Gb of that
  • Finally those who don’t like Apple
  • The processor will be 4 high powered Cortex-A15’s with 4 lesser A7’s wedged in there somewhere, so let’s hope they can get battery life running that little lot.

    I’ve read predictions stating it is coming in the S4, due mid-2013, and others claiming its due in a tablet, so we can safely say we don’t know.

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    The chips are down for Apple, well up actually!


    A South Korean newspaper is reporting that Samsung have upped the cost of the CPU’s they supply to Apple by 20%.

    That’s not really a surprise though is it? They need to get some of the $1.05bn back!

    Even though you read that Samsung Mobile and Samsung semiconductor are totally separate and have completely different relationships you can’t be blamed for assuming the mother ship at Samsung has stick it’s finger(s) up at Apple, or whatever they do in Korea.

    Apple are set to use 200 million Samsung CPU’s this year and are contracted to supply until 2014.

    With Jim Keller, the Chief Architect of Apple’s A4,A5 and A5x CPU’s moving to AMD back in August Apple is having some ups and downs at the moment. Jim takes all that mobile device CPU Dev experience with him to AMD, so expect a decent AMD Mobile chip some time.

    Apple’s A4 CPU debuted in the original iPad and was their first System on a Chip (SoC) processor, it was superseded by the A5 in the iPad2 and the A5x in the 3rd Gen iPad. The most recent iPad the 4th gen now sports at A6X CPU which is dual core and quad core graphics GPU.

    Chosun Ilbo Korean Paper