Samsung launches Google Chromebook 2


Samsung have launched the Chromebook 2 running ChromeOS powered by its own Exynos 5250 ARM system on a chip (SoC)
This version is lighter and faster than the previous and Google must be praying that it will start gaining some traction.

ChromeOS is struggling to get a foot hold in the market and even 12 months after its release the numbers were not great viewing for the company.

From June 7th to 13th 2012 a study by Chitika Insights of Internet Usage share Chrome is minuscule …

  • Windows 86.4007%
  • Mac 12.5191%
  • Linux 1.0254%
  • Playstation 0.0428%
  • ChromeOS 0.0119
  • Source : Chikita Insights

    ChromeOS boots direct into the Chrome Browser after initial login, and this may be making prospective customers uneasy about how it can be used offline, something Google need to address IMHO!

    With that said having used the earlier model, and as long as your connected to the Internet, it’s a jolly nice experience, fast , simple and clean in its interface.

    Check out more of the new model

    Samsung ChromeBook 2 on Amazon USA

    This is a bargain at $249 wonder what the £ conversion will be, 1:1?