Big day today for all the Apple Fans


Here we go again! Today is another Apple big unveiling. Its been 6 or so years since these events started causing excitement, I wonder how long that will last? possibly they are not as big as before but it still seems to get the chatter going.

I’ve read many predictions ranging from new iPads, new OSX, Smart watches, a new cheaper phone, even spy pictures of the same device that are different!

Only time will tell but recently some of the leaks have turned out to be true so you never know. Other vendors seem to fail in generating this level of chatter and excitement, so how do Apple do it and can they keep it?

Chris Matyszczyk from CNet puts it quite well,

Some people know how to dress, some don’t. Some people know what looks good, and some people wear plaid shirts to the opera. Some even put a stripey tie on to “match” that plaid shirt.
Those looking to define taste find themselves enmeshed in nebulous terminology. Yet Apple’s computers, phones, and tablets so often appear and instantly cause both admiration and envy.
This is the company that managed to produce a turquoise computer and make it desirable.
This is the company that took the existing concept of the tablet and turned it into a necessary accessory.

So there is more to it than just the technology, these people are fashion gurus or victims depending on your view!



In search of a Smartphone USP


Smartphones have become so samey that manufacturers have been searching for a USP to differentiate themselves, Android especially is suffering from this and the heavy weights are sparring as we speak.

Let’s look at some of them, starting with the King of Android Samsung, they have packed so much tech into their devices they positively bulge, there is more hardware and software innovation in a Samsung device than you can shake a stick at but, with that said they often get accused of being plastic and pretty cheap feeling from a physical perspective.

Queue, HTC and the new “One” this is milled from a single piece of aluminum and is without doubt beautiful, could this be HTC looking for their niche? Trying to be the Apple of the Android world and looking for a way to compete with Samsung.

Then we have Sony, in the past they were top of the beautiful products showcase in everything they did, Apple knocked them off that perch and so recently they went with Waterproof in their Xperia model. A useful feature for that unfortunate accident everyone dreads but a reason to choose them over another? You Decide!

Moving onto Nokia, they already have a USP or a Unique reason to NOT buy if you include operating system, for some it will put them off. Windows 8 Phone sets them apart but in an attempt to appeal they have focused on imaging, Carl Zeiss everywhere and the new 41Mp camera is evidence of that, of course Nokia have a reputation of building great devices so that helps.

How about LG, now this is a not so obvious but IMHO they have gone with cheap as their appealing factor, pack lots of hardware in a keep the price rock bottom.

How about Blackberry, they continue to hope that the legendary Blackberry experience will bring them the appeal, time will tell but perhaps they need another USP in the back pocket just in case?

Lastly we have to mention Apple, love them or hate them, you pay the money and in return they provide objects of desire that are well made and provide a slick experience, the benchmark perhaps?

In HQ’s all around the world clever people desperately try to come up with new and appealing ways to make rectangular, thin, touch screen devices more appealing over the oppositions next thin, rectangular touch screen device!

iOS7 Cat is out of the Bag


WWDC kicked off today with some exciting announcements with the many Apple fans rammed in the Mascone Centre in San Francisco … 

Let us focus on iOS7 among the many announcements… including OSX and iTunes Radio a Spotify type service.

Tim Cook started the iOS bit with a bunch of stats around usage, but it was all the usual waffle and the proof will be in the eating anyway, sorry Tim.

By far the biggest aspect of the announcement is the Jony Ive inspired new look and feel. Dare I say an Android look unlock screen welcomes you into a layered interface of totally newly designed icons, and a flat clean look seems to be the best way to explain it.

Next, Multi-Tasking for all, yes all Apps! wonder if Steve is spinning in his grave?

They talk about some great features to save battery, for instance if the phone wakes up for some reason then all apps will use the moment to update at the same time, if your in cellular coverage then update apps, don’t waste battery trying to connect only to discover your in a dead spot, sounds quite cool, Get it?

Eddy Cue took to the stage and unveiled a new Siri, well a male and female voice that is, plus some new integrations, you can turn on bluetooth and search for web results from Bing and Wikipedia for example.

One initially exciting feature is Activation Apple attempt at the rising theft and re-use of their products. With iOS7 a lost device is useless without the owners iTunes username and password, well that’s assuming the security community don’t break it.

Available to all in the Autumn it looks like a good stab at hanging onto the many defectors, the Apple share price didn’t react that well, but time will tell and as I say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

More from the mountain of announcements soon….

Travelling with just an iPad

While on a business trip to India I decided to bring just an iPad, resulting in a not insignificant list of capabilities to keep me amused

  • FaceTime my family, assuming the hotel has good WiFi
  • Watch BBC content on the flight
  • Keep up to date with email using the corporate email solution
  • Listen to my Music Collection
  • Read a Book
  • Keep my Blog up to date
  • Wakeup on time with the Alarm Clock, thanks to iOS6
  • Not use Maps, thanks to iOS6
  • Make some notes of objectives for the meeting
  • Access the corporate applications via Citrix
  • Write a document or create a presentation
  • Browse the Internet
  • I should confess I actually packed my work laptop but decided to check in my case and do not plan to use it. I was thinking it’s just there for a “Break Glass” moment, I only hope the baggage handlers don’t take that literally.

    Without doubt the iPad is a superb device, I have tried Galaxy Tabs, Notes, Lenovo Tablets and the infamous playbook, but none cut it quite like the iPad, you think it’s down to app availability but check my list, only BBC offline viewing is not possible on an Android!

    So what is it?

    I don’t make any secrets about the fact I like Apple products, but I am not a fan boy, but first what is a Fan Boy?

    “Fan Boy” Definition : A Person or persons who would literally buy a turd if it had the Apple logo embossed on it, who typically cannot bear to hear a single negative word spoken about their beloved company and will not entertain any other product however compelling its proposition.


    Power to the people! Well almost…


    Does this look familiar?

    Back in 2009 the GSMA trade association announced at it’s annual bash, Mobile World Congress, held annually in Barcelona, that the mini USB connector would be standard across all manufacturers.

    No more searching for adapters, travelling with lots of different types, if you have a mini USB charger your good to go!

    17 mobile operators committed to implementing the standard as it would make life easier for the billions of users, and it’s an environmental issue constantly throwing away perfectly good equipment because of a simple connector.

    Sadly Apple was absent from the agreement back then, deliberately alienating themselves once again from the pack, although it was no surprise at the time.

    So here we are back in 2012 and queue Lightening, Apple’s new dock connector.

    So in abstraction from the rest of the industry it looks good, small, reversible, should be no need to fiddle around in the dark to get orientation, interestingly is has 22 less pins, so it’s a quarter of the size. Quarter of the size with a quarter of the pins, woohoo ahhh but it is reversible! 🙂

    So for those with lots of existing accessories for the now obsolete 30 pin connector an adapter is available from Apple, as mentioned yesterday at an eye watering £25.

    Luckily for us users, the EU has forced Apple to also make an adapter for the 8pin to convert it to MiniUSB, so for another charge (£15) you can have one charger for your Mini USB and Apple Devices, may as well carry multiple chargers, at least you can charge simultaneously and save yourself the cash in the process, plus how long before you loose it anyway?

    The question remains, “While Apple is so good at making beautiful products that sell themselves like hot cakes, why do they employ these tactics that just give ammunition to the anti-Apple’ers and potentially stop the in-betweeners from coming across?

    EU forces Apple to provide adapter