Migrating App-Stores is an expensive nightmare

Migrate from App Store to Google Play Store

Thinking of moving App Stores?

If your an iOS’er or an Androidian there may come a time when you decide you need a change.

Swapping from an iPhone to an Android seems reasonable and something many of us would like to do.

iPhone users, thinking about you’re next device?  Along comes Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, both are very capable alternatives and very tempting …

Obviously Apple, Google, Microsoft and the like do not want to loose you and by having a library of apps you have paid for is a good insurance for them, after all who wants to buy all their apps again? A single reason to choose one over the other due to application availability is shrinking as their libraries equalise, so the next risk is that you will move and find cheaper (or free) alternatives rather than buying the products again.

Example: You paid £39.99 or more for TomTom on iPhone and decide to buy an HTC One next time round, you could

1. Buy it again on Android and give TomTom another £24.99
2. Use the Google built in Navigation on the HTC One, TomTom have then lost you, probably for ever.

Hypothetical 3. TomTom do not want to loose you regardless of what device you use so they offer you a migration path and swap your licence from iOS to Android, perhaps for a small fee, £2.99 say?

All the other vendors who have competitive products in the popular app stores should be working on this as a future model, cheap apps or no cheap apps we don’t want to keep buying them!

Come on software companies keep up.


iOS7 Cat is out of the Bag


WWDC kicked off today with some exciting announcements with the many Apple fans rammed in the Mascone Centre in San Francisco … 

Let us focus on iOS7 among the many announcements… including OSX and iTunes Radio a Spotify type service.

Tim Cook started the iOS bit with a bunch of stats around usage, but it was all the usual waffle and the proof will be in the eating anyway, sorry Tim.

By far the biggest aspect of the announcement is the Jony Ive inspired new look and feel. Dare I say an Android look unlock screen welcomes you into a layered interface of totally newly designed icons, and a flat clean look seems to be the best way to explain it.

Next, Multi-Tasking for all, yes all Apps! wonder if Steve is spinning in his grave?

They talk about some great features to save battery, for instance if the phone wakes up for some reason then all apps will use the moment to update at the same time, if your in cellular coverage then update apps, don’t waste battery trying to connect only to discover your in a dead spot, sounds quite cool, Get it?

Eddy Cue took to the stage and unveiled a new Siri, well a male and female voice that is, plus some new integrations, you can turn on bluetooth and search for web results from Bing and Wikipedia for example.

One initially exciting feature is Activation Lock..an Apple attempt at the rising theft and re-use of their products. With iOS7 a lost device is useless without the owners iTunes username and password, well that’s assuming the security community don’t break it.

Available to all in the Autumn it looks like a good stab at hanging onto the many defectors, the Apple share price didn’t react that well, but time will tell and as I say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

More from the mountain of announcements soon….

Android and iOS account for 92.3% of the Smartphone Pie


That’s a big slice of the pie even for those with a substancial appetite, like Google.

So the Q1 2013 numbers are in and its Google domination all the way …

Of the 216 million units shipped in the first quarter of the year Google, Samsung and in fact anyone else promoting Android is onto a winner

  • Android – 75%
  • iOS – 17.3%
  • Windows Phone 3.2% (of which Nokia is 75%)
  • Blackberry 2.9%

The big news is that Microsoft have leapfrogged Blackberry to steal 3rd spot. Blackberry have slipped their share from 6% this time last year to a 2.9% this year according to IDC.

Apple have moved from 22.5% share this time last year while Android grew from 56.9%, truly stunning and thanks almost exclusively to Samsung!

Source : IDC

Google Atmosphere 2013 London

Amit Singh Google’s President of Enterprise opened this years event at the Brewery in London

 Google Atmosphere 2013 Keynote

He introduced Everywhere, Everything, Everyone as the vehicle to articulate Googles strategy for its 5 key areas.

  1. Connect
  2. Visualise
  3. Build
  4. Find
  5. Access

Mobile was mentioned many times and He added From Mobile First to Mobile Only, very slick indeed, bear that in mind when you read some of the stats below.

  • 90% of the search on a smartphone leads to action, telephone number, map search
  • In India mobile traffic has bypassed desktop traffic
  • 84% of Googlemaps traffic is from Mobile devices
  • Android now has 900m users this time last year it was 400m
  • Chrome is now the No1 browser

We then heard from Thomas Davies who talked about the successes of Google Enterprise,  touting 5 Billion businesses on google services that’s 58% of F500 companies using paid google products.

Thomas introduced senior IT leaders from Pearson group, Transport for London and Ocado who of course waxed lyrical around the virtues of the Google platforms and services!

All in all not a bad event, felt very sold to but learned lots about Google products.

The food was amasing and we played in the Google “Popup” campus 🙂

What happens to all those old gadgets?

We constantly look forward to what devices are coming and what we will move to next, think Galaxy S4, HTC One, Q10?

Most people have a growing array of old devices in their kitchen drawer and these need to be recycled, more importantly reused as devices rather than being turned into pens and park benches, or worse still put into the ground. The good thing about these devices is the precious metals, the bad thing being the chemicals especially in the batteries.

So how many do you have ready to be re-used? The sooner you get something for them the more you should receive and the more reusable the are without change. One man’s junk is another mans treasure after all, well more likely a grateful teenager.

Tablet recycling is going to get more popular, this could double the demand on recycling companies, a good business to be in right now!

Check out this InfoAd I really like this and it provides some great information.


Thanks to Broadland Digital for the information – check them out at http://www.broadlanddigital.co.uk they put this together so must have some talented graphic designers.

So do you’re bit and lets recycle some of those 90 million devices.


Classic Verbal Faux Pax!

We all say things we regret from time to time, I know I do, but spare a thought for the famous, all those constant reminders of the stupid things said!


Here’s a selection of classics for you,

Thorsten Heins, CEO of Blackberry recently predicted the demise of the tablet within 5 years. Only time will tell if he will be laughed or liked for his words of wisdom.

Check out these old crackers … 

  • DEC founder Ken Olsen said PC’s were toys and dismissed them as devices for playing games, he also saw no reason why an individual would have a personal computer. 
  • Robert Metcalf founder of 3Com predicted in 1995 the spectacular collapse of the Internet by 1996!
  • Michael Dell when questioned about Apple in 1997 said he would “Shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders”
  • Bill Gates told the World Economic Forum in 2004 that spam would be solved within 2 years.
  • Mark Cuban of broadcast.com was quoted as saying “Only a moron would buy You Tube”
  • and Finally our old friend Steve Bulmer said in 2007 this little corker, ” There’s no chance the iPhone is going to get any significant market share, no chance”
Remember they can never forgot their Faux Pax’s!
Source : CNET

Infosec 2013


Infosec today was surprisingly more interesting that I was expecting this year. 

The last time I went in 2011 it was all Anti-Virus and Secure Memory Sticks but this time there was a lot more about Mobile and BYO, to be expected I suppose. Of course all the suppliers there can do it all and you have to sift through looking for the Gems but generally it seemed well attended and the company names where there that mattered.

MobileIron, Airwatch, Cisco, Blackberry, Symantec to pick some of the popular stands and the usual from the likes of Sophos and BeCrypt.


Overall BYO and managing your data were big themes, many products and dashboards claim to be able to manage the problem but what we saw were many distribution companies who offer products from many sources.

The sign here is that there are not many, if any that can do the lot, a bit of this and a bit of that is required.

You also need to know what your approach is going to be to ensure you pick the right technology. 

For example ForeScout have an amasing solution to managing your network, you have profiles for machine types and get routed the right place, if your a personal laptop with no AV you get less access than a corporate build. This is cool of course if you want to manage your network. Remember NAC?

The other option is to put Wireless Internet everywhere in your offices, secure the core and let the riddled filthy machines sort themselves out,  no need for Forescout in that scenario.

So overall then enjoyed the day, got a reasonable amount out of it and met up with lots of old acquaintances.




Galaxy S3 World Tour kicks off in London


At a seemingly quiet part of Kensington Olympia a subtle 4 had been erected outside, this being the venue for the start of the Samsung Galaxy S4 World Tour, it was rather appropriate.

Inside a cavernous area where minimalist furniture and tables were waited on by an army of waiters and waitresses, this was going to be fun I thought while swigging a Becks from the bottle.

After a short time we were ushered up stairs to an auditorium and the fun started with a video of the original unveiling in NYC a few weeks earlier.

Jason Bradbury, the guy from the gadget show who looks like Harry Hill came on stage and introduced a senior bod from the Korean management team who, after a few words handed over to a colleague, the brains behind the demos. Jason asked scripted questions (not that well) and the Samsung guy did a good job to showcase some utterly amasing features,

The camera features, the array of sensors, innovations like touchless gestures, swipe a picture without touching the screen, read a document and it auto scrolls, the screen even works with a gloved finger were all shown off, some canned video demos, a few real ones.

Samsung used the moment to launch the Samsung Galaxy Mega, a 6.3′ Phablet to create yet another device segment and after moving the audience into a hands on showcase to touch and feel we were treated to a set from Gary Barlow.

Samsung do it in style, there must have been upwards of a thousand people in attendance and more staff that you could ever need, thanks Samsung for a fun evening.

To sum up … This device is packed to it’s eyeballs with tech, 9 sensors, 2 HD cameras and the ability to monitor your health.

Apple need to sit up and take note, some serious innovation is required to match this beast.


Jason Bradbury, MC, I would say organiser of ceremony rather than the master.

Attending the London Samsung Galaxy S4 UK Launch tomorrow evening …


Let’s hope its another event like the Galaxy Note 10.1 launch at One Mayfair, mixing with all those celebs was rather cool, but a hard act to follow. That was a hefty marketing budget.

So tomorrow then, Olympia West Hall so perhaps a larger venue is required?

Will Blog the excitement as it unfolds …. watch this space, looking forward to eye balling the device up close.


Bargain of the Century, well year maybe?


Google have launched their new Nexus phone and it’s bursting with tech and at a great price point it has the power to change the entire segment.

We have seen tablets start at a high price and quite quickly come down and phone form factors have not followed suit remaining expensive. The Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and the new Samsungs have redefined value for money and it was about time someone came along and messed up the phone segment for a change. Initial bets were on the likes of Firefox or Ubuntu but with early version 1 devices they wouldn’t appeal to mainstream. Meanwhile back on planet Android LG have helped create this master price for £239 (8Gb) £279 (16Gb)

Presenting the LG Nexus 4, that should do well to scare off all those 2 year contracts, this has the power to redefine how we buy, which in recent years has changed from annual to bi-annual thanks to more expensive devices moving from 12 – 18 then to 24 month contracts.

Take an iPhone, yesterday on O2 you could walk away with the 16Gb newest version in white for £32 a month for 2 years, but you would also need to stump up £159.99 up front, ouch!

The equivalent LG Nexus would cost you £279 in total, no contract and the freedom to negotiate unlimited internet for example, rather then the stingy 750Mb data.

With a quad core Snap Dragon CPU, 8MP rear facing and 1.2MP front facing camera, 4.7′ screen, all the usual sensors, and communications options this is a great device. Nexus also means you get the latest Android releases as they arrive and this one is no different, shipping now with Jelly Bean 4.2 and updates arriving on your device as quick as they get released, no waiting for your manufacturer to integrate them, this is a potential game changer for how we procure our hardware and wireless services.

Bravo Google, let’s hope this is the first of many aggressively priced handsets.

Check out the detail here http://www.google.co.uk/nexus/4/