My Pebble Watch has shipped!


My Pebble watch is winging its way to me thanks to DHL, it’s currently in Hong Kong somewhere.

You may remember I blogged the Pebble when it was first announced as a kick starter. The infamous Seiko and Casio Data-Banks had been and gone and the Samsung Gear was not available then so I wondered how successful this could be.


Clearly application eco system is key and it so far looks good, but soon I can speak as a real user.


I do have some questions I need answering,

1) Will I look a total dork with this on my wrist? Geek is cool, Dork is bad
2) Having to charge my watch every 7 hours,  that may get annoying
3) Is not having to get my phone out of my pocket every time I feel that vibration actually a benefit?

Be back with the results, experiences good and bad as soon as it arrives.


As a side, why do I keep feeling the vibration of my phone only to discover its not vibrated? and more importantly is it bad?








Infosec 2013


Infosec today was surprisingly more interesting that I was expecting this year. 

The last time I went in 2011 it was all Anti-Virus and Secure Memory Sticks but this time there was a lot more about Mobile and BYO, to be expected I suppose. Of course all the suppliers there can do it all and you have to sift through looking for the Gems but generally it seemed well attended and the company names where there that mattered.

MobileIron, Airwatch, Cisco, Blackberry, Symantec to pick some of the popular stands and the usual from the likes of Sophos and BeCrypt.


Overall BYO and managing your data were big themes, many products and dashboards claim to be able to manage the problem but what we saw were many distribution companies who offer products from many sources.

The sign here is that there are not many, if any that can do the lot, a bit of this and a bit of that is required.

You also need to know what your approach is going to be to ensure you pick the right technology. 

For example ForeScout have an amasing solution to managing your network, you have profiles for machine types and get routed the right place, if your a personal laptop with no AV you get less access than a corporate build. This is cool of course if you want to manage your network. Remember NAC?

The other option is to put Wireless Internet everywhere in your offices, secure the core and let the riddled filthy machines sort themselves out,  no need for Forescout in that scenario.

So overall then enjoyed the day, got a reasonable amount out of it and met up with lots of old acquaintances.




Attending the London Samsung Galaxy S4 UK Launch tomorrow evening …


Let’s hope its another event like the Galaxy Note 10.1 launch at One Mayfair, mixing with all those celebs was rather cool, but a hard act to follow. That was a hefty marketing budget.

So tomorrow then, Olympia West Hall so perhaps a larger venue is required?

Will Blog the excitement as it unfolds …. watch this space, looking forward to eye balling the device up close.


Indoor GPS, no more aimlessly searching in the supermarket

Remember the first time you experienced GPS navigation and how impressive it was? Now we don’t think about it for a second, just type the postcode into a super cheap device and go without a second thought. Lots of us have them in our phones that we don’t even use!

The next natural progression for this technology is to go indoors. You’re wandering around a shopping mall, airport terminal or event and not knowing where something is, even looking for something you don’t usually buy in a supermarket, you pull out you phone and find your way, sounds great to me.

The traditional GPS market is pretty buoyant in GPS gadgets for cars, even though many of us have them in our phones. Nokia and Android provide a pretty good implementation of a turn by turn solution free and built-in. With indoor it will be the same as walking the streets with GoogleMaps, you use you phone, and the apps will all be able to exploit other sensors in the phone to, accelerometers, compasses and thermometers.

With Apple recently acquiring WiFiSlam, an indoor positioing company this area is set to hot up, and considering the Cupertino heavy mob took the WiFiSlam website down immediately after the acquisition went through, they really don’t want us to know, yet.

Looking forward to this one going mainstream, we already said goodbye to the paper map, soon it will be RIP to the “You Are Here” sign, that’s the one you can’t find when you need it.