4G, does this mean Three will become Four?

20130206-000209.jpgThat age old issue of bandwidth, as devices got faster the issue was getting worse, then LTE/4G came along, the nirvana? Only if money is no object, and your in the right place at that moment, but it’s changing

If your interested in LTE info I waffled on about this back in November so take a look, this time it’s tariffs up for discussion.

LTE Article (November 2012)

EE, formally Orange and T-Mobile have merged and obtained the licence to initially offer 4G services here in the UK. This was late, the U.S were already wizzing along on the iPads that had shipped 6 months earlier. The offering, needless to say is not the greatest deal you have ever seen, who would give something away on the cheap and especially as they are the only ones at the party.

The Analogue To Digital TV switchover happened and the government auctioned, meanwhile Three managed to buy some spectrum from our friends at EE, everything everywhere, deep joy.

Now would you prefer lots of something slow at a low cost, or a small amount of something fast at a high cost? Quantity or Quality?

Aparantly Steve Jobs said “One Home Run is better than two Doubles”

In this case it’s not true because of all you can eat! This is the best aspect of 3G services, currently only offered by Three here in Blighty, therefore “One Home Run is not better than as many Doubles as you can eat”

Getting onto Tariffs then, EE’s deals are grim IMHO, let me elaborate,

iPhone5 32Gb £36 per month 24month contract.
Upfront device cost £269, compared to £599 Sim Free
Unlimited Texts and Minutes, I see minutes have become pretty valueless, it’s all about data.
500Mb data, yes 500Mb which will last preciously 20 minutes.
For 8Gb is another £20 per month, taking you to £56 per month for 2 years, ouch.

Compared with Three (3G)
iPhone5 £36 per month 24 month contract
Upfront device cost £199, compared to EE £269
5000 Texts, 7000 Minutes and of course All You Can Eat Data, no limits!

I just ran a test and got this result on my Three 3G enabled iPad.


The latest is Three have announced they will be offering LTE/4G to all their users at No Extra Cost! They have not yet confirmed if the All You Can Eats will continue but at least you get the premium bandwidth sat no extra cost!

Three, voice calls are pretty rubbish in my experience lots of calls failed, but their data network is brilliant, bravo to Three!


IBM Connect 2013 Building your social workforce


Loud and clear we are hearing that we need to build a social workforce, IBM tell us that this is tangible, productivity of course has long been difficult to measure, like nailing jelly to a wall some may stick but the rest will fall.

Seen this? companies buy products, implement them and say go on employees collaborate …..(tumbleweed)

So it is not about the products, yet we are all at a product providers conference learning about how important it is and all the products you can use to make it “happen”. I think it is probably easier to mate Panda’s in captivity, hold on that’s also social(able)!

So this weeks IBM Connect 2013 has been a big change to previous years Lotusphere events and has had much more focus on Social with HR with other functions being talked about more than ever, not something you would have mentioned a few years ago at a largely “Techie” event.

If you ask people how it was for them you get a mixed bag from, good conference and refreshing, to a rant about IBM abandoning their hardcore technical following, you will never keep everyone happy but I think in all most of those I asked said it was a welcome change and necessary evolution.

Key Observations then from the conference,

  • The Lotus Brand is history, everything starts IBM now
  • It’s all about Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Big Data, but you knew that
  • Create a Social Workforce, see point 2
  • Device Fragmentation is so prolific don’t attempt to manage it, BYOD it!
  • Use App analysis tools when you launch an app to get insights into usage
  • Traveller is NOT in a container, so without MDM it is useless
  • Checkout Gamification to drive adoption, it really works
  • Think beyond the app … whatever that means went right over my head!

  • A good IBM Connect 2013 with good sessions, good company and good food, thanks to ChoosePortal for looking out for us!

    IBM 2013 Mobile Focus Areas


    IBM unveil their 2013 focus areas for Mobile. Having provided 66 deliverables in mobile during 2012 they announced the focus areas for this year , based on discussions and feedback with CIO’s.

  • Innovative Tablet Experiences
  • Providing their range of native applications across phone and tablet platforms.
    E.g., Sametime, Sametime Meetings, Traveller and Connections

  • Multi-Channel solutions for Social Business
  • IBM’s push to include other functions continues, opening up application directly to HR and Marketing for example with little or no I.T involvement required.

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • So they have been listening to CIO’s pain and have added this as a focus area, a good move as lots of companies cannot deploy Traveller for example, because it does not sit securely in a container. Let’s hope this focus will mean a positive response otherwise many will have to continue to look elsewhere. On further investigation this is more about MDM so sadly the issue remains.

    A busy 2013 for the IBM developer community and with the focus away from Lotus it will be interesting to see what happens in this new era, this is where the acquisition of Worklight should start to show through.

    The one real issue is the apparent need for a Lotus backend, which begs the question on sustainability. An interesting challenge for IBM to ensure when companies move away from on-premise email, which we all will in time, to the cloud they do not loose customers to other areas.

    If you move from on-premise Notes email to Microsoft in the cloud would you stay with Sametime or move that to, same with connections.

    Positioning the products as a family, but also as standalone is key for sustainability. IMHO

    A big day tomorrow for RIM, the most important one in their history?


    This was a real tweet, I liked it!

    One day to go before RIM start the journey to their survival! Here at IBM Connect 2013 you don’t see many Blackberry users, plus I have not seen a single Playbook! As we are in North America it may be slightly skewed in comparison to Europe but its bad none the less.

    BB10 devices I have seen look great, feel great and the interface is excellent, Blackberry Hub looks good so lets hope for all of us they can survive and make a comeback.

    We need RIM as they keep Apple, Google and Microsoft on their toes, we enjoy the benefits of hefty competition everyday in the devices we use.

    Attending an event tomorrow that will stream live the New York show, more to follow on this story.

    IBM Connect 2013 Keynote


    The Power of Social, it doesn’t start your culture it reveals it!

    Connect 2013 Keynote, formally Lotusphere, sunny Orlando providided a good welcome as always.

    Opened by the band “They might be giants” who played a few songs in their earliest gig ever.

    The 20th Anniversary event, attendance is up and IBM report an increase to other non-IT functions, Marketing, HR have good representations, the shape of things to come!

    Talent is all around you! Alistair talked about online communities, and how when your competing online, even with those you have never met, it makes you perform better.

    The winners in social are getting smarter, improving customer service, growth, and improving their business, social cloud platforms are ready to adopt, to welcome you into this new warm and fluffy world.

    “Social is like a diet” said Sandy Carter, IBM’s CSO “It’s a lifestyle change”

    IBM demo’ed their latest social platform, codenamed Connections Next, lets hope all the innovation went into the product as they didn’t go into the name. The demo seemed to only be in there to keep the hundreds of technics in the room happy, making sure they have had their “Fix”

    We are the best computer in the world, we are the smart individuals.

    The biggest shift this year was away from technology, highlighting the Smarter WorkForce and showcasing Marketing solutions, there was little technology in there and as relevant as this shift is IBM should not be ashamed of their roots, someone had got to design, innovate and deliver the technology.
    Having said that a Forsee interactive meeting table was shown, where all the documents are opened, closed and pushed around, one of those “clever” technologies that know one buys and ends up out in the cold, IMHO

    Connections file sync is nifty, all your files sync’d to all your systems, corporate Dropbox then, the ability to remote wipe the data is a nice touch, allowing you to containerise your corp info.

    So to recap the noticeable shift at the conference this year was the lack of technology, it’s much more a conference for HR and Marketeers. It could have been an HR conference at times, not that I have ever attended on do those, honestly.

    At IBM Connect 2013 Orlando next week, will blog the top stories!

    IBM Connect 2013