Day 2 at the Gartner Portal, Content and Collaboration Summit #GartnerPCC

Day 2 here at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza, an enjoyable day listening to Gartner folks recount tales of how Corporates are doing it wrong and what needs to change.

Today’s keynote, Becoming a Social Organisation – Mark McDonald, a great speaker.

Lots of great anecdotes about how organisations stop collaboration by implementing tools and sitting back expecting people to collaborate, we can all relate to implementing tools and wondering why nobody is using them, right?

Here is your very expensive enterprise collaboration platform people, go collaborate….tumbleweed

Coca-Cola spent over a million $ to become the most liked brand on Facebook, knocking Starbucks from the top spot, and shifted no more drinks in the process! StarBucks posted on Facebook “Coca-Cola thinks you like them more than Starbucks” within 2 weeks Starbucks were back on top. They spent $0 and sold more coffee!

Create a Person to Person Architecture, not an IT Architecture

Enable Support networks via peers, they can help each other, it’s cheap and very effective.