Final day at Enterprise Mobility 2012

Today began with a session delivered by IBM on determining the ROI and Business Case for Mobility. The audience was treated to an overview of some models used to help determine ROI, how to make your app sticky and techniques for driving its adoption.

Mobile is cheap and easy, The apps I buy are only 99p how hard can it be?

This quote was recounted as one often told by senior leaders when starting out with mobile.

NUGGET: If your Business owner tells you it does not matter how the app looks, you must convince them otherwise. When they get a bad User Experience they will care!

Identify your Mobile Moments these will be the requirements for your app.

Build your ROI, identify your business value and don’t reinvent the wheel, start with limited features and roadmap features with the users over time.

Systems developed by IT without clear business engagement usually fail, this is not just a mobile paradigm but a reality. Use products like iRise to visualise your app with your business so they know what they are going to get.

Next was a presentation discussing the virtues of Native, WebApp and Hybrid Mobile Application Development.

The session detailed the pros and cons of the different approaches and highlighted some great points.

NUGGET: iOS developers are hard to find, they are typically young and developing consumer apps, have no experience of corporate and only see the pot of gold attainable with a successful consumer app.

Consumer apps that allow people to scan products for expiry will become more widely available, being able to scan a medicine bottle prior to use to see its expiry and of course it’s authenticity has big benefits.

Next up we migrated to a session to hear about the pros and cons of the different mobile app Dev techniques, native, web and hybrid, nothing new but a few good ways of explaining the differences in a succinct way.

How to create a mobile strategy in an ever changing world was a funny session, interactive, which was good, but far to much info to take on-board in the time allowed, was physically shattered after that. Will need to read the million word slide deck to find a nugget, possibly life is to short with that one!

They did say something rather well I thought, not worthy of a nugget but interesting non the less.

The mobile strategy is about the business and the people involved in it quite liked that all be it slightly cliche.

The last session about the state of Mobile in 2012 was cancelled, the last session of the conference and for me sounded like one of those most interesting, #sandy caused lots of trouble this week.

So to sum up the conference then,

Useful, insightful, good networking opportunities, a negative, not enough people.

The cancellation of so many sessions should mean a discount for next year as it really was disappointing.


Day 2


The action continues here in Vegas, feels quieter than yesterday and in fact the entire event is reportedly quieter than last year (so I’m told) lots of stories of people unable to attend, due to sandy.
Some entire sessions cancelled as the speakers could not make it to the event, terrible for all those involved.

Some of the really interesting sessions that were due to be presented that have been cancelled Jack Gold, for example “The state of enterprise mobility, costs and expectations” sounded good.

I have been following the news on twitter, what an amazing way to consume news, you read tweets from celebrities to governors all in the same moment, Twitter is the new way to read the news. If that has been happening for years sorry, the penny just dropped for me.

Checkout #sandy some moving tweets.

The day started here after a Nutella muffin with an “Experts guide to HTML5” presented by Wesley Hales from CNN, author of the O’Reilly book HTML5 and JavaScript webapps.

One billion HTML5 capable devices will be sold in 2013, mobile browsers are growing fast as people’s primary browsing device.

Wesley shared some great insights into what decisions to make before you start developing Webapps in HTML5 and CSS3, what webkits to support and how to grade browsers so more advanced browsers get more functionality.

He demo’d native like touch and swipe functionality in a browser, and accelerometer integration in a browser, so orientation enabled pages could be used.

To demonstrate web sockets Wesley showed a web page with voting results and then directed those in the audience with a mobile device to goto a URL, this page allowed you to vote on your level of satisfaction with the talk, a great way to show web sockets efficiencies and also a great way to engage your audience without giving voting devices to those attending.

NUGGET: HTML5 is the way forward, with a billion capable devices to be sold in 2013 you can deliver great native experience cross platform.

3i a U.S based based software company shared some great insight into enabling users to easily approve and manage their SAP responsibilities.

NUGGET: Senior managers rarely login to SAP, but they are usually the approvers, so they entrust PA’s with their login to approve on their behalf. We need to re-skin the ugly systems and mobile is the vehicle to enable this.

3i also raised some great discussion points around cross platform and offline support.

  • If your app vendor provides a native client for each platform their product is not cross platform, it’s just 4 separate products that do the same thing
  • If your app does not support offline it’s not mobile, the need to be tethered to a network makes it so
  • Checkout more tomorrow ….

    Enterprise Mobility 2012


    Morning of Day 1 from Enterprise Mobility 2012, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

    Sanjay Poonen from SAP kicked off the proceedings with some interesting stats on mobile adoption and social media.

    All week I will callout NUGGETS: for every session, where a clear learning is available it will be highlighted, if there are no NUGGETS in a session you can be happy you didn’t waste valuable minutes from your short life sitting through it, I did that for you!

  • There are 2.5 Exabytes of generated everyday
  • There are over a billion users on Facebook.
  • Companies are using Twitter to predict sales demand for their products
  • Sanjay then pitched all the SAP mobility platforms and products,

    Afaria, SUP, Retail engagement and Loyalty apps, Afaria in the cloud, in partnership with Amazon Web Services, BOOD, Business Objects on demand, and HANA kept coming up (what a surprise)

    Analytics is big and it needs to be predictive, will try and cover this in more detail as we go through the week.

    NUGGET: Mobile and Analytics are inextricably linked and need to both feature in the each others strategies

    SAP then went on to Launch their Mobile Analytics client for iOS and Android and showcase their Travel and Expense application.

    Backend powered by HANA and the front end “sizzle” provided by mobile, see told you it was a sales pitch!

    References to the “Internet of Things” came up with the 50 billion devices predicted, from coffee machines, fridges to alarm clocks and house thermostats.

    A great concept of intelligent devices is the smart vending machine, yes it tells you stock levels and temperature of the drinks, but now it can check the weather for tomorrow and predict a run on a specific product based on other factors, now this is smart Analytics!

    Connecting the Enterprise-2-Me by SAP

    An interesting session, although it did feel like we were in the middle of a hard sell, some interesting comments about other vendor products around scalability didn’t go down well.