It arrived and its faulty!

It arrived from Hong KoImageng, as usual DHL stung me another £30 for the import pleasure, thanks HMRC!

Not sure how people on Ebay based in the UK can offer the Pebble for £90 all in, I paid $149 plus the £30 import duty, but I got to order mine from the mothership!

Anyway, opened it lovely box, well packed, not an Apple experience but perfectly enjoyable, and here is where the joy ended, very abruptly.

Connected it to my iPhone, and installed a couple of faces and apps, but then I noticed the double amber line that would not go, see picture.

Off I went back to and eventually found the support form, they really don’t want to help you, even when you find the form as you try to send it your further asked if your email is absolutely necessary.

Now you would like to read that a replacement was shipped, everything was sorted and I am a happy Pebbler again? Wrong!

So far 2 emails and nothing back, well apart from the automated email and guess what, “They are experiencing a high volume of email support requests” That sounds bad to me in many ways.

As a company why would you advertise,

1) Our product is so rubbish people keep asking for help
2) We are terribly under staffed in the call centre and you are not important enough for us to employ more people
3) We are not really experiencing a high volume we just say that so you expect a crap service

I digress,

Here is my official feedback so far.

  • Having a text message displayed without looking at your phone, cool!
  • Being able to swim and still receive messages,  great! Especially when you have left your kids home alone and if they need you they can get you
  • The battery life is up to 7 days not 7 hours, and to be honest is perfectly acceptable
  • The apps available can be quite unstable, but there is a decent amount
  • GPS apps, display Tweets, calendar entries makes it really quite handy
  • The screen is pretty pants, not that clear and not as easy to see as they would have you believe
  • You do look like a geek, but its quite easy to conceal if your concerned about that

So in conclusion,

Should you buy one, if you need the above then maybe, however its a V1 device, that’s assuming yours turns up and works properly.

Would I buy one again? NO,  and the after sales service is non-existent? I’m sure there are laws to protect us, oh of course they assume you can actually talk to the company concerned.

I will be contacting my credit card to see if they can help.

Do yourself a favor, AVOID AVOID AVOID the PEBBLE!

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