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Thinking about a new Smartphone? Is your iPhone boring you or your Android to complicated? What about the other options, Microsoft Windows Phone8 perhaps?

It’s been a while since I wrote about phones and it really has moved on since then. Time for another round up of your options, and what pain points to consider before moving.

Slightly disappointed with the new iPhone line up, and in need of a change, I decided to try a Samsung Galaxy S4, top dog in the Android pack.

While the device was a little plastic fantastic the screen was amazing! The Android interface seemed reasonable at first, but very quickly became frustrating for the Apple old timer. Nothing perseverance wouldn’t fix I suppose. All my apps bar one were available in the Play Store although I was peeved to have to re-purchase some of them. There is a need for manufacturers to provide AppStore credit as an incentive for shifters, and in time this will come I hope.

Well as I write this my iPhone sits on the desk looking smug, the transition to Samsung’s Android iteration was too much to bear. My perseverance broke me and I quit.

This tale will be the same the world over in all technology directions, so I decided to look elsewhere in search of Technology Bliss.

Blackberry, Hmmmm, Firefox phone should be fired, Ubuntu so far not materialized!

Enter Nokia Lumia Windows Phone. Having had the pleasure to trial a Lumia 925 and an 820, both running the latest Phone8 version I have to say they are slick. Microsoft have knocked Blackberry of the 3rd place perch so it will start to gain momentum and for us as consumers we really need the competition to keep the innovations coming.

Interface, simple and as good as iPhone if not better in some aspects, cameras amazing and with Microsoft Office built in you just can’t grumble.

One great feature is Kids Corner, this is a separate area your little cherubs can access with apps you configure for them, no risk of a rude message to the boss or them playing an inappropriate game.

And for the piece de resistance, all Nokia Lumia phones come with some great value add.

Nokia Drive SatNav built in, some with European Maps and others with Global (depends on model) these maps are downloadable before you travel and constantly updated free.
Nokia Mix Radio, free access to 18 million tracks to play on your device for life, with no adverts and you can download up to 8 hrs of them free of charge. There is a premium edition for a few pounds a month to allow unlimited downloads.
The main issue for the platform right now is apps, most are there but not necessarily as developed as the iOS and Android counterparts, check this before you move. Facebook for example the app cannot edit an existing post, yet.

Once a couple of my “Must Have” apps are across I will consider a permanent move to Windows and Lumia.

The Nokia range starts with the 510 and I found the next model up 520 for £69 on Pay as You Go, these start at a low price. Don’t forget the flagship 41 Megapixel 1020 model, this allows you to take a picture and zoom into the detail as if you had a much bigger lens, you manipulate a 5Mp picture on the device to make it useable, nifty.

HTC also make a range of Windows Phone devices starting at around £100.

There you have it then, is Nokia back? Or should I say Mokia J

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