5S for Speedy and 5C for Cheap, not quite!

Apple releases a pair of new devices and makes it’s mark on the Smartphone stage, again
So going 64bit, a good move for longer term performance and initially for competitive edge over the others, but totally irrelevant to the users at least in the short term. I wonder if Steve Jobs would have made such a noise about a feature so technical?
Next is the Motion Co-Pro, an interesting innovation, these new APIs will plug the hole where Samsung’s S Health app has started the charge. The future of phones being able to detect movement and even your heartbeat is one step closer.

So with a fingerprint reader and a blingy gold option the 5S has arrived!

Next up is the 5C, think plastic, well Apple prefer polycarbonate as it sounds better! Basically the guts of the current 5 make this a good phone and a great cheaper option. One slight fly in the ointment is the price, from £469 for the 16Gb it’s not C for cheap thats for sure.

So the lineup for 2013/14 is the 5S, the 5C, the current 5 gets the chop and the 4S that lives on at £349.

iOS 7 will be available from the 18th September,the 5S from the 20th September and the 5C pre-orderable from the 13th September.

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