Day 2


The action continues here in Vegas, feels quieter than yesterday and in fact the entire event is reportedly quieter than last year (so I’m told) lots of stories of people unable to attend, due to sandy.
Some entire sessions cancelled as the speakers could not make it to the event, terrible for all those involved.

Some of the really interesting sessions that were due to be presented that have been cancelled Jack Gold, for example “The state of enterprise mobility, costs and expectations” sounded good.

I have been following the news on twitter, what an amazing way to consume news, you read tweets from celebrities to governors all in the same moment, Twitter is the new way to read the news. If that has been happening for years sorry, the penny just dropped for me.

Checkout #sandy some moving tweets.

The day started here after a Nutella muffin with an “Experts guide to HTML5” presented by Wesley Hales from CNN, author of the O’Reilly book HTML5 and JavaScript webapps.

One billion HTML5 capable devices will be sold in 2013, mobile browsers are growing fast as people’s primary browsing device.

Wesley shared some great insights into what decisions to make before you start developing Webapps in HTML5 and CSS3, what webkits to support and how to grade browsers so more advanced browsers get more functionality.

He demo’d native like touch and swipe functionality in a browser, and accelerometer integration in a browser, so orientation enabled pages could be used.

To demonstrate web sockets Wesley showed a web page with voting results and then directed those in the audience with a mobile device to goto a URL, this page allowed you to vote on your level of satisfaction with the talk, a great way to show web sockets efficiencies and also a great way to engage your audience without giving voting devices to those attending.

NUGGET: HTML5 is the way forward, with a billion capable devices to be sold in 2013 you can deliver great native experience cross platform.

3i a U.S based based software company shared some great insight into enabling users to easily approve and manage their SAP responsibilities.

NUGGET: Senior managers rarely login to SAP, but they are usually the approvers, so they entrust PA’s with their login to approve on their behalf. We need to re-skin the ugly systems and mobile is the vehicle to enable this.

3i also raised some great discussion points around cross platform and offline support.

  • If your app vendor provides a native client for each platform their product is not cross platform, it’s just 4 separate products that do the same thing
  • If your app does not support offline it’s not mobile, the need to be tethered to a network makes it so
  • Checkout more tomorrow ….


    Siri…. are you telling porkies?


    Hurricane Sandy heads towards the east coast of the United States

    Meanwhile…. Siri is either telling porkies or is being used by Apple to keep the peace! Can the Apple cool factor even effect Mother Nature?

    This article from the Telegraph talks about a modern Michael Fish!

    Telegraph, Siri and Sandy

    Source:The Telegraph

    Enterprise Mobility 2012


    Morning of Day 1 from Enterprise Mobility 2012, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

    Sanjay Poonen from SAP kicked off the proceedings with some interesting stats on mobile adoption and social media.

    All week I will callout NUGGETS: for every session, where a clear learning is available it will be highlighted, if there are no NUGGETS in a session you can be happy you didn’t waste valuable minutes from your short life sitting through it, I did that for you!

  • There are 2.5 Exabytes of generated everyday
  • There are over a billion users on Facebook.
  • Companies are using Twitter to predict sales demand for their products
  • Sanjay then pitched all the SAP mobility platforms and products,

    Afaria, SUP, Retail engagement and Loyalty apps, Afaria in the cloud, in partnership with Amazon Web Services, BOOD, Business Objects on demand, and HANA kept coming up (what a surprise)

    Analytics is big and it needs to be predictive, will try and cover this in more detail as we go through the week.

    NUGGET: Mobile and Analytics are inextricably linked and need to both feature in the each others strategies

    SAP then went on to Launch their Mobile Analytics client for iOS and Android and showcase their Travel and Expense application.

    Backend powered by HANA and the front end “sizzle” provided by mobile, see told you it was a sales pitch!

    References to the “Internet of Things” came up with the 50 billion devices predicted, from coffee machines, fridges to alarm clocks and house thermostats.

    A great concept of intelligent devices is the smart vending machine, yes it tells you stock levels and temperature of the drinks, but now it can check the weather for tomorrow and predict a run on a specific product based on other factors, now this is smart Analytics!

    Connecting the Enterprise-2-Me by SAP

    An interesting session, although it did feel like we were in the middle of a hard sell, some interesting comments about other vendor products around scalability didn’t go down well.

    The rumours were right, an iPad mini!


    The rumours have been rife lately and I have so say much of what I had read was true, are Apple loosing the ability to keep a secret or is it just a publicity stunt?

    I think the reason it was so hard to guess before was the innovations were so much more forward thinking where as lately they have been rather, shall we say “Predictable”

    It’s a worry when even Apple advocates start to doubt their religion, I have spoken to many who believe it stopped when Steve Jobs walked out of the office for the last time, but only time will tell.

    To summarise then…

    Apple introduces a smaller 7.9′ iPad called the mini
    Apple also introduces a 4th gen iPad, called the errr iPad

    The mini iPad

  • 7.9′ Display, 1024×768 168 PPI (pixels per inch)
  • 312g (3G &Wifi model)
  • Dual Core A5 CPU
  • HD iSight camera
  • 5mp Full HD Camera
  • up to 10 hours of browsing
  • The 4th Gen iPad

    As before but with the A6 CPU and that blasted connector that is causing so much pain for people!

    So Apple fans, excited and pre-ordering their new mini
    Non-Apple fans, moaning through gritted teeth and bestowing the virtues of their android tab!

    For now iPad IMHO has the edge, but the phone is a different debate

    Samsung launches Google Chromebook 2


    Samsung have launched the Chromebook 2 running ChromeOS powered by its own Exynos 5250 ARM system on a chip (SoC)
    This version is lighter and faster than the previous and Google must be praying that it will start gaining some traction.

    ChromeOS is struggling to get a foot hold in the market and even 12 months after its release the numbers were not great viewing for the company.

    From June 7th to 13th 2012 a study by Chitika Insights of Internet Usage share Chrome is minuscule …

  • Windows 86.4007%
  • Mac 12.5191%
  • Linux 1.0254%
  • Playstation 0.0428%
  • ChromeOS 0.0119
  • Source : Chikita Insights

    ChromeOS boots direct into the Chrome Browser after initial login, and this may be making prospective customers uneasy about how it can be used offline, something Google need to address IMHO!

    With that said having used the earlier model, and as long as your connected to the Internet, it’s a jolly nice experience, fast , simple and clean in its interface.

    Check out more of the new model

    Samsung ChromeBook 2 on Amazon USA

    This is a bargain at $249 wonder what the £ conversion will be, 1:1?

    The joys of Gadget Insurance


    With all this BYO going on its all great until your device is lost or stolen! I once lost my work provided Blackberry and remember complaining about the form I had to complete before my company would replace it, and all the while my carelessness cost me nothing but a little inconvenience.

    Now here we are with all this “Bringing of your own” and in some cases it ends in tears, and will do more and more as this becomes the norm.

    You pay a couple of hundred pounds to O2 sign a 2 year contract and walk with your iPhone let’s say you then loose it, which is easily done, it’s valuable so return is unlikely and anyway it is locked so no one knows who owns it! What’s next?

    You need a device for work and could end up taking out a new contract or buying the device sim free at £500+ ouch.

    With this in mind I recently took out insurance on my iPhone 4 and went with Protect My Bubble, it was so easy I added my iPad for accidental damage (no loss available on the iPad) and added my sons iPhone3GS, excellent I am quite careful so was feeling well protected in my little bubble.

    A few months later I stupidly lost my beloved gadget, well it may have be stolen I really don’t know but I ended up claiming!

    I duly call up Protect my Bubble and as the advert stated a replacement device within 48 hours I assume I need to register a claim, I’ve already spoken to the Police so if I was making this up I have already committed fraud and therefore that must be enough for them? Right?

    This story could spiral into a long tale or even a rant so I am keen to wrap it up quickly and just want it to serve as a warning,

  • No claim just goes through, you are cross examined, times checked and logged
  • What time did you call O2, the Police?
  • Next is a conference call with you and O2, they call them and you have to confirm your details on the call, even share your password, with the person on the line, when I refused I was told unless I complied my claim would be unsuccessful
  • They asked O2, what time did you receive the call?
  • After this terrible experience, and a week has already passed your told its going to ” The Management” for a decision?
  • Then you call and call, if you get even slightly annoyed they threaten to hang up and cancel your claim
  • Then to cap it all some 3 weeks after the initial claim you have to pay, the excess the remaining years payments, as they cancel the policy, and an extra fine for loss, theft is OK but not loss! Bang goes another £50, plus another £75 for the other stuff
  • Interesting that if you claim with an insurer one would think they would want to hang onto you in an attempt to claw back some of their losses? These guys cancel your policy and tell you if you want to insure with us again go back to the website and start again! So their churn is potentially everyone who claims?

    My advice from reading many more complaints online about Protect my Bubble and my experience,

    Pay your carrier or your household insurance and although you will pay more, you do not need the stress of this I can assure you, and over a month waiting for a device, even though claims are settled in 48 hours!

    Be careful out there 🙂

    The LED hits the big 50!


    The great man who invented the LED has reason to celebrate as it recently turned 50!

    Professor Nick Holoynak Jnr from Illinois University is that great man, and the first glow was seen at the General Electric Lab on the U.S east coast.

    I wonder how many less items there would be on eBay if it wasn’t for the wonderful LED! It’s used to brighten things up, add some bling, as an indicator, brake lights on a car and of course it’s tiny amount of power has revolutionised some products, the torch for example.
    A torch that would blind a man at a hundred paces can now be purchased for a few pounds and it will last hours on a charge, remember those ropey old bulbs that would kill a pair of D cells in half an hour, and the light was all orange?

    At $262 a pop in those early days the BBC have published a great video history of the LED and a brief explanation of how it works, they even explain the evolution of the colours.

    A big thank you from all of mankind for the great invention of a safe, lower power, low heat and high output device that has revolutionised the world…. and will continue to.

    Happy Birthday Dear Light Emitting Diode

    LED @ 50 video


    BYO rolls into town, Power to the People!

    You said it was bring your own?

    There are many predictions as to how consumerization will evolve up to 2016 and as it is so big right now we cannot ignore it in business. This is not a case of the flying cars that never arrive as the evolution from the Spectrum being a consumer device to what we have today is mind boggling.

    Of course previously there was the work / home IT divide which has evolved from having access to up to date IT systems at work and basic PC capability at home, through to home being more up to date than work, to now where it’s so good at home we are demanding to use it at work, did you follow that? In case not let me explain again …

    Way back when, IT was for businesses

    Then people dabbled at home, expensive and not very powerful home computers
    Then more and more people got PC’s but work was still ahead of most people’s home PC
    Then came cheap systems better than work and the Internet software as a service
    Now you can keep you dull locked down 2kg corporate laptop

    Initially businesses may think, cost savings but that’s not an open and shut coffer by any means.

    Consumerisation will not win, it’s all we’ve got, It’s better featured, evolves faster so its already won if you look at it like that.

    Some of the things to think about when planning for the new world, these I gathered from a myriad of sources, and of course some are easy to read and not so to implement.

  • Standardise on file formats not the apps or tools
  • Licence people not devices
  • Let em use what they want, within reason!
  • Authenticate people not devices
  • Manage info not the applications
  • Encrypt everything
  • Don’t try to control things you don’t own, just those you do
  • The user is in charge of device and application decisions, get over it
  • Encourage users to support themselves and champion superusers
  • If you know of any big gotcha’s I missed please let me know, this is just the good ones I came up with.

    Lastly, if you feel this is a threat to IT and end up trying to block it, you will be circumvented. It’s an opportunity for IT and should be treated as a great time to handover some of the grunt work by passing it to cloud providers and users. You can’t stop this, power to the people!

    Microsoft readies Surface for a starry night


    Microsoft is launching Surface at Midnight on October 25th at the same time as Windows 8 becomes available. Surface unveiled back in June is their crack at the Tablet market.

    Various news articles report that they have 3 million devices readied for the launch and are keeping some details, such as price a secret until the launch itself, how tedious.

    All you need to know about the Surface

  • 10.6 Inch display with pop out stand
  • Weight, between 676g and 903g depending on spec
  • Thickness wise from 9.3mm to 13.6mm thick for the RT and Pro respectively
  • 2 architectures available, Intel x86 and Arm
  • Arm versions will run Windows RT, Real Time version and will not have the full desktop, so it’s metro (or whatever they call it now) on that device
  • Intel versions will run the standard x86 version, will be called Pro with the benefit of compatibility with existing applications it will also sport the full desktop
  • The pro will also come with a full HD screen, exact resolutions are yet to be revealed
  • Pro’s can be stuffed with up to 128Gb of storage while the RT variant 32 or 64Gb
  • Available is a nifty looking case with a build in keyboard very snazzy
  • Estimated prices are £400 for the RT version and up to £900 for the Pro
  • The powers that be in Redmond decided to use pop-up shops around the U.S and Canada to launch the device, as there is no release date for Europe yet they have not bothered with any elsewhere so we are going to have to wait.
    God bless her and all who sail in her, well if you live in the U.S or Canada that is.

    So is this going to get Microsoft back on track especially in consumer territory? The majority of opinions I have read seem to feel that the surface is to expensive to grab iPad market share and does not have a compelling enough proposition to make people jump from Android.
    For corporate use the Pro is a good device for application compatibility but only time will tell if this is going take it anywhere.

    Travelling with just an iPad

    While on a business trip to India I decided to bring just an iPad, resulting in a not insignificant list of capabilities to keep me amused

  • FaceTime my family, assuming the hotel has good WiFi
  • Watch BBC content on the flight
  • Keep up to date with email using the corporate email solution
  • Listen to my Music Collection
  • Read a Book
  • Keep my Blog up to date
  • Wakeup on time with the Alarm Clock, thanks to iOS6
  • Not use Maps, thanks to iOS6
  • Make some notes of objectives for the meeting
  • Access the corporate applications via Citrix
  • Write a document or create a presentation
  • Browse the Internet
  • I should confess I actually packed my work laptop but decided to check in my case and do not plan to use it. I was thinking it’s just there for a “Break Glass” moment, I only hope the baggage handlers don’t take that literally.

    Without doubt the iPad is a superb device, I have tried Galaxy Tabs, Notes, Lenovo Tablets and the infamous playbook, but none cut it quite like the iPad, you think it’s down to app availability but check my list, only BBC offline viewing is not possible on an Android!

    So what is it?

    I don’t make any secrets about the fact I like Apple products, but I am not a fan boy, but first what is a Fan Boy?

    “Fan Boy” Definition : A Person or persons who would literally buy a turd if it had the Apple logo embossed on it, who typically cannot bear to hear a single negative word spoken about their beloved company and will not entertain any other product however compelling its proposition.